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Fesschain is the first decentralized platform addressing the shortcomings of the existing electronic settlement system. FESS offers a quicker and safer way to transact in an electronic environment through application of cutting edge technology.

Fesschain is airdropping 1,200 FESS tokens to the first 1,000 participants. Complete the required social tasks and submit your details to the airdrop form to receive the tokens. Also earn 100 FESS for each referral up to 20 referrals.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Fesschain airdrop form.
  2. Follow them on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet. (+300 FESS)
  3. Post this tweet: @fesschain is Coming to Change the way How People Look at the Blockchain!😍Don’t Left Behind. To Know More visit https://fesschain.io/ now#fesschain #blockchain #cryptocurrency #ethereum. (+200 FESS, Optional)
  4. Join their Telegram group and Telegram channel. (+300 FESS)
  5. Follow them on Reddit and upvote any two posts. (+200 FESS, Optional)
  6. Subscribe to their Youtube channel and like the latest video. (+200 FESS, Optional)
  7. You will get 1,200 FESS tokens.
  8. Also get 100 FESS for each referral up to 20 referrals.
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Telegram required

  • Join group
  • Join channel

Twitter required

  • Follow
  • Single Retweet

E-Mail required

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