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Fructus is a decentralized food network aimed at improving the transportation and delivery of organic produce.

Fructus is airdropping 1,500,000 FRUCTUS tokens to participants who sign up for a Fructus account and perform social tasks. Participants will earn an extra 10 FRUCTUS for each referral that completes social tasks.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Register an account on Fructus and confirm your email address.
2. Update your profile with your ETH address.
3. Go to the ‘Airdrop’ page.
4. Perform different social tasks. After you have finished a task, mark it as done. (up to 50 FRUCTUS)
5. Invite friends. Once your referrals complete 2 tasks, you will earn 10 FRUCTUS.
6. FRUCTUS will be airdropped to your ETH wallet within a month after the ICO ends.

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