Crypto games are those games where a particular player can own something in that game. However, that ownership might be transferred among other games too!! That is, the players might be able to transfer their purchases and rewards to other crypto games too. Surely, that’s what every traditional video gamer would have imagined about, right?? Owning the Vercetti estate has been a dream come true for all the GTA Vice-City players. Although, in crypto gaming, the player might not be able to buy the Vercetti estate he/she will be able to own something in it. Now one question arises: –




Well, here is the answer, In normal games, everything is limited to the video game that is being played. all the skins, weapons, cars and any other asset will stay in the game’s world itself. For instance, if you own a mansion in a particular game like GTA V you own it digitally. Certainly, you cannot sell it to someone in real life and not use it for your benefit. Make that game a liability for yourself. Because you are using your time and energy and not getting anything from it.

On the contrary, in the case of crypto games the asset you own digitally, becomes your digital asset. It can be converted into cryptocurrency by selling it to another player at certain points. You can convert it into cryptocurrency at certain points by selling it to another player.

So, in a nutshell, if you own something in a normal game it is not your ownership, but in crypto games, the assets in that game can help you earn real-time currency too.

Also, crypto games may allow you to have inter game transfer of property, which means, if you own a particular digital asset in one game, it may be transferred to another game in crypto gaming itself.


Crypto games are the future of the gaming world. In the case of cryptocurrency, it has already started changing the future of monetary transactions. For example, now a million dollars don’t need to be packed up in bags or cases to transport. It requires only a pen drive, an internet connection, and a system that can connect to it. Undoubtedly, it all depends upon the user whether they wish to use it or not.

The same stands for crypto gaming too, in normal games, it was only the adrenaline and the feeling of being a winner that played the part. As there was no benefit of gaming except the fact that it helped in relaxing. In the case of crypto gaming, adrenaline still plays its part. But there is a benefit of earning real money by playing the games. Also, you can have your assets transferred to other games in the same category of crypto gaming. Surely, the adrenaline is beneficial but why not earn through it when you can.

Once a person has this much knowledge of crypto gaming, they start getting curious about: –


First, we will talk about challenges, Limitations imposed by smart contacts- many games provide smart contact. However, the games are based on players moving through complex game logic, those games involve the players interacting with each other, fighting, levelling up, building their own spaces etc. which influences the game flow for every player.

Smart contacts limit the game logic as they cannot support such a complex path. However, many companies are finding ways to overcome this issue, there is still a very long way to go.

How can you get benefits from crypto games?

The use of cryptocurrency by online games has the potential to reduce fraudulent transactions, provide players with real ownership of their accounts, and facilitate cross-game communication. The key point why crypto games is changing the world is mainly because the players are getting paid in NFT, coins, tokens etc. The most wonderful thing is that here teenagers are able to earn more money than complete families and that also just by playing games. This is really fascinating!

In the 3rd world countries when the earned NFT or tokens are converted in fiat money, it’s a huge amount. Players can earn hundred and thousands of dollars per month just for playing games and this makes Crypto games so popular and changing the world.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using cryptocurrency in online games.

1- Instant Transaction

It allows players to enjoy their favourite games quickly as well as exchange crypto units instantly and efficiently. Using cryptocurrency removes bureaucracy from the process and eliminates inefficient intermediaries.

The difficulty in selling gaming software outside of app stores is another issue that game developers often face. Blockchain allows these developers to receive payment instantly by using nano-payments.

2- Ability to Play Anywhere

In addition to providing players with the option of playing without confirming their identity or e-mail, cryptocurrency also makes it possible for them to play internationally without worrying about security and exchange rate concerns. Games can be played from anywhere in the world and funds can be withdrawn and paid out faster.

3- Safe and Secure

The use of blockchain technology in online games prevents illegal trading of digital assets, as many online gaming websites have trust issues. Security is vital when making multiple purchases in online games. By creating an immutable ledger and preventing key duplication, also ends hacking and theft of keys. It creates the certainty that players can make secure and safe payments because smart contracts are secure and safe.

4- More for Your Money

The use of bitcoins is much cheaper than credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal. There are no hidden fees or waiting periods when you use bitcoins.

Because cryptocurrency transactions between users are peer-to-peer, it cuts out the middlemen and eliminates handling fees. It is a more viable model for players and game developers.

5- Hide Your Identity

If you don’t feel comfortable disclosing your personal information while playing online, then bitcoin games are right for you if you don’t like playing online games with your money.

A user’s cryptocurrency purchases are also discrete unless he/she decides to reveal them voluntarily. It is because the anonymous cryptocurrency address generated for each transaction changes day by day.


How do these games pay to the players?

In other words, players can trade digital assets for cryptocurrency, which can then be traded for real-world money. Cryptocurrency is used to trade digital assets for real-world money. By storing information about assets that users own, a complete or partial blockchain system enables the development of crypto games. It is how players make money.


The benefits of cryptocurrency games and blockchain technology are evident to gamers and developers. For gamers, cryptocurrency games improve their gaming experiences, and for developers, crypto games increase profits. It’s still early, but the future of blockchain technology in online games certainly looks bright. Bitcoin usage is on the rise, but not without issues. The development of blockchain technology in online games is still in its infancy, but it has great potential.



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