How To Earn In Thetan Arena?


Playing and earning is an old method but still trending in today’s modern world. Blockchain gaming has been increasingly popular recently, and new games are constantly released. Thetan arena is a blockchain-based online playing game with multiple players in a specific subject. In thetan, arena players used to play games and get rewards as a token with basic skills. Curious about how to earn in thetan arena? Let’s jump into complete details.

What Is Thetan Arena?

A blockchain-based eSports game called Thetan Arena was created in 2021. You can form a team to play the game and begin making money using your abilities. There are many exciting moods in thetan arena gameplay that you can use to advance the game level and earn more.

Thetan Arena provides an innovative, engaging gameplay experience with stunning graphics. Heroes are playable characters that players can collect. They come in different features, abilities, and skins. With balanced battle mechanisms, Thetan Arena includes fun game modes.

Modes Of Thetan Arena

Here are all the exciting modes you will experience while playing in the Arena.


In this mode, the team will be decided into two parties. Each unit has four team members, and they all have to collect points to win the game. Collecting more points as a team is compulsory to win the game. Which team collects more issues is declared as the clear winner. 

Battle Royal 

The goal of this warfare competition between 12 players is to be the last man standing. Players outside the Arena’s ring barrier will be removed after a specific period.


In this mode, one team must eliminate all members of the other team; after elimination game will end automatically. In addition, one section needs to collect 25 elimination points to win and end the game in their favor, but you need to take care of the specific time you will get to eliminate other team members.

Tower Siege 

Teams of players are split into two parts and tasked to destroy the tower of their rivals. Groups must gather batteries to call the Siege Robot. When a building is wrecked, the game is over. In the alternative, the tower with the most health wins if time runs out.


This mode is more interesting because here, you do not need to follow any pattern; instead, you can make your team by inviting your friends and choosing any map to make your game.

How to Earn Money In Thetan Arena?

In the thetan arena, you can play and earn in various ways like free playing, earning as thetan coins, gems, and many more.

Through Premium Heroes

If you can’t wait, you can open Thetan Boxes by combining $THC and $THG. Players take much time to level up on Premium Heroes and may trade them for THC. Premium Heroes can also be employed to participate in numerous special events to increase your earnings of $THC and $THG.

Digital Assets 

You can think of Premium Heroes as digital assets that can earn awards or money by actively competing in the Arena as a digital asset owner. The owner of a premium hero can make private agreements with the players themselves, participating in direct peer-to-peer arrangements for renting out heroes. 

Earn From Thetan Community

You can easily earn rewards and coins by live streaming and encouraging people to play in thetan arena.

What Is Thetan Arena Token (THC)?

Thetan Coin (THC) is a rewarded utility token. By participating in combat, players can acquire THC. Class and Hero also impact how much THC a player gets. As an alternative, players can receive Quest Points after completing a quest. These points can then be used to buy THC. Notably, THC tokens were given out by Thetan Arena as ranking incentives to encourage users to advance and earn more tokens. 

  • By linking your cryptocurrency wallet to a decentralized exchange (DEX) and using your Binance account to purchase the base currency, it will demonstrate how to buy Thetan Arena.
  • Several crypto wallets are inside the BNB Chain network, but TrustWallet is the most integrated. You can download Google Chrome and the wallet Chrome extension using a desktop computer.
  • After setting up your wallet, you can purchase the BNB Chain by logging into your Binance account and going to the Buy & Sell Crypto page.

What Are Thetan Arena Gems (THG)?

Based on their actual usage, actions, and contributions in the game, players will receive THG. THG offers financial incentives to entice users to use it actively and give back to the community.

What Is the Thetan Arena NFT?

As mentioned above, NFT is used as a hero in the thetan arena, where you can sell or purchase these heroes to earn thetan arena tokens or gems. You can choose from various Thetan Arena heroes with unique abilities to suit your play style, such as the capacity to suffocate foes or burrow underground. Three classes, different rarity levels for skins, and 25 characters are offered.

There are three distinct categories for heroes:

  • Tank: Heavy hitters with powerful melee attacks who move slowly.
  • Marksman: Marksman is a powerful damage dealer in maintaining the fight’s DPS level.
  • Assassin: An assassin is a deadly assassin who can enter a fight, finish off their victims with a single combo, and escape unnoticed.

How To Buy NFT In Thetan Arena 

Here are the steps you can follow to buy NFT in thetan arena.

Step 1:

While deciding whether to purchase a hero, you must review the information about gTHC Battles as displayed in the image above. It’s not a good idea to buy heroes with very high numbers.

Step 2:

You should invest in heroes with 0 gTHC Fights to maximize your profits. Hero’s low cost should not cause you to acquire it right away.

Step 3:

To ascertain the worth of Hero boxes, look at the market pricing and contrast it with the current THC costs (common, epic, legend). Heroes available on the market cheaper than the box price are preferable, whereas more expensive heroes should be avoided.

Skills You Need to Play Thetan Arena Gameplay

You must choose two skills for your Hero besides the game style and the Hero you want to play. Each Hero possesses three talents. You decide which two changeable to use at the start of each game. And the third is a hero skill that is particular to each Hero.

Skills that can change your allies’ or foes’ statuses are included. A talent called “damage” enables heroes to deal extra damage briefly. You must switch up your skills at least once weekly to keep things interesting. 


Playing thetan arena will give you a different experience, and you can earn too by playing, which is unique compared to other P2P games. This game has unique modes, and fast speed will give you new playing experiences. You can play in thetan arena with a small investment or play for free for your pleasure.

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