How to Make Money on Axie Infinity?


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Overview of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a revolutionary game that sets itself apart from traditional video games. It bases all its in-game items on blockchain technology, ensuring players have full ownership and control over their collections. This unique feature is a significant advantage for gamers, who can trade or sell their assets without restrictions. The game was created by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese gaming startup, in 2018, and it has taken the gaming industry by storm since then. 

Axie Infinity’s versatile gameplay lets users collect and breed digital pets known as Axies and battle against each other in their ecosystem. The game’s inspiration was drawn from the Nintendo video game franchise, Pokemon, but its blockchain component adds that extra dimension that makes it stand out.

Tokens for the Axie Infinity Game

In the world of Axie Infinity, two game tokens reign supreme: (SLP) Small Love Potion and Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). SLP is a token that you get as a reward for each battle won, and it can be used to reproduce Axie creatures. Moreover, you can auction or sell your bred creatures right on the Marketplace of Axie Infinity, making it a lucrative investment. 

On the other hand, AXS is like an ERC-20 utility token granted to the best players among the 19 seasons, and it comes with voting rights. By staking AXS, players can access in-game features, win prizes, and enhance their gaming experience. If you’re looking to invest in AXS, you can do so through popular crypto investment apps. Understanding the function of both of these tokens is a key aspect of succeeding in the Axie Infinity world.

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Lunacia: The Axie Infinity Land

The Axie Infinity game has caught the attention of gamers and investors alike with its unique approach to blockchain gaming. The universe of the game, Lunacia, is a vast land made up of a 301*301 grid. It is divided into plots, with each plot represented by a square & minted as a non-fungible token (NFT). 

Players can acquire these plots of land by buying, leasing, or developing them. The four main lands in Lunacia: are Forest, Mystic, Savannah, & Arctic. This allows players to experience a wide range of environments within the game, making the gameplay more diverse and engaging. 

Understanding to Play Axie Infinity

Before stepping into the arena, it’s essential to understand the fundamentals of battle. Below given are the fundamentals

The Battle Mechanics of Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity battle mechanics is a strategic card game that requires careful planning and execution (find everything you need to know about the cards in Axie Infinity). As a player, you must carefully consider each move and play your cards strategically to outsmart your opponents. A squad of 3 Axies must work together in order to eliminate all of your opponents and emerge victorious.

With a turn-based system, each decision you make has the potential to shift the tide of the battle. So, choose your cards wisely and stay one step ahead of your opponents to succeed in the game.

The Creatures of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Creatures are fascinating and unique fantasy animals that have captured the interest of players worldwide. These creatures are beautiful and have remarkable characteristics that add an extra layer of enjoyment to the gaming experience. 

Every Axie has four crucial stats that contribute to its performance in battle. These include HP, morale, skill, and speed. The HP stat determines how much damage an Axie can withstand before getting knocked out, while morale increases the chances of delivering a crucial hit. 

The skill stat affects the amount of damage dealt, and speed plays a vital role in round attack sequences. These stats depend on an Axie’s body parts and class, which can dramatically affect gameplay. Understanding these stats is important to becoming a successful Axie Infinity player, and it’s fascinating to see how these fantasy creatures come to life with each battle.

Classes in Axie Infinity:

In the world of Axie Infinity, nine distinct classes of creatures exist. Every class has a unique set of weaknesses and strengths, from reptiles to plants. It’s not just about the appearance of your Axie; the class they belong to can make or break your chances of success in battles. When choosing your team, it’s essential to consider the cards they possess and the classes they represent. As one could expect, different classes fare better against specific types. Knowing the ins and outs of each class is significant to dominating the game.

Body Parts:

The Axie is an amazing creature with six distinct body parts: eyes, back, horn, ears, mouth, and tail. These body parts play a pivotal role in determining an Axie’s stats, which can vary based on the class of the body part. For example, certain eyes may increase a creature’s speed, while specific horns can enhance an Axie’s damage output. Ultimately, each body part of an Axie serves a particular purpose, adding to the complexity and excitement of this captivating game.

How to Purchase the Axies?

Axie Infinity is a fascinating game that has overtaken the blockchain world. With its innovative use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the game allows players to own their game assets fully. 

To start playing Axie Infinity:

  •  First, create an account. Next, /, which serves as the intermediary for all Axie transactions and activities. The two accounts can be connected by clicking the “Attach Ronin to Account ” option between the Dashboard. 
  • Once connected, head over to the marketplace of Axie Infinity to purchase your first three Axies. 
  • With everything set up, download the application and start your exciting adventure in the world of Axie Infinity!

Ways to Make Money With Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a gaming platform that provides a unique opportunity for players to earn money by playing. For new players, the most used way to earn on this platform is by actually playing the game. Once you get into the game, you’ll get the in-game token called Smooth Love Potion(SLP). The Best way to get SLP is to complete the Daily Quest, which has 5 Arena matches and 10 Adventure mode levels to get 25 SLP.

In addition, players can earn around 50 SLP daily by completing the missions called ruins in Adventure mode. However, to win SLP in Arena mode, players will have to spend energy to fight in battles. Their rating will then tell about how much SLP they can win. By leveraging these strategies, new players can easily begin earning money in the vast world of Axie Infinity.

Strategizing is essential to secure your wins and gain SLPs. As these are invaluable in the Axie Marketplace, make sure to keep an eye out for their demand. With your hard-earned SLPs, you can either trade or cash out them on the marketplace!

Apart from winning battles, there are other ways to explore and gain SLPs on Axie Infinity. Check out the four options available to you!

Selling and Breeding Axies

Axies are unique creatures whose value is unparalleled in the NFT market. When 2 Axies breed, the offspring produced is completely different from any other Axie in terms of stats, abilities, and body parts, this makes them highly sought-after as non-fungible tokens. Once you breed an Axie, you can use it for battles or sell it on the market. 

The quality of the Axie, determined by factors such as strong ability synergy and balanced stats, largely influences the selling price. One of the most expensive Axie NFT ever sold was Angel, a triple Mystic, which went for a staggering 300ETH or almost $120K. Breeding and selling Axies is a lucrative venture that lets you tap into the thriving and ever-growing NFT market.

Create the Scholarship Program for Axie

If you’re an avid Axie player, you may want to consider establishing your personal Axie Scholarship program. This allows you to share your Axies with the other expert players who may not have the means to purchase their own, providing a mutually beneficial agreement. What’s more, the reward share can vary, allowing for a passive income for the Axie scholarship holder. Not only is this a fantastic option for gamers who don’t have time to play, but it’s also an opportunity for budding players to hone their skills and earn some income from their gameplay.

Consider to Invest in Lunacia Land Plots

Axie Infinity presents the opportunity for players to invest in Lunacia land plots, a new and exciting feature. As a landowner, you can customize and develop the plots to yield profitable resources, engage in battles with monsters, and provide important facilities.

 Moreover, these plots can be sold or rented out when their value increases, making them a wise long-term investment. Additionally, players can join forces with others to share rare resources, combine their land plots, & create successful guilds. Investing in Lunacia land plots is smart for players looking to expand their virtual portfolio and reap the benefits of ownership in the Lunacia Universe.

Stake the Axie Infinity Shards

As a participant of Axie Infinity, you may have heard about staking Axie Infinity Shards (AXSs) and wondered what it means. Staking is a process where you lock up your AXS tokens in order to maintain the blockchain network’s operations. This is crucial for keeping the network secure and reliable. 

In the exchange for offering this service, you can earn mined AXS as a reward. This process benefits you and helps the entire Axie Infinity community. So, if you’re interested in earning rewards while contributing to the growth of this thriving blockchain ecosystem, staking your AXS tokens is definitely worth considering.

Earning Crypto in Axie Infinity

In Axie Infinity, there are a variety of strategies to earn crypto, each offering a different range of profits. If you have enough time to play for many hours a day, your profits could range from $8 to $40, depending on your Axies, how long you play, and the incentives available at the time. However, if you have built up a large number of Axies and don’t have enough time to use them all, offering scholarships is a great source of passive income. 

By splitting profits with your scholars, you could earn between 50% to 70% of what they make, providing a significant stream of passive revenue. With multiple scholars and each having their own set of 3 Axies, you could potentially create a large and consistent passive revenue stream.

Breeding Axies can be profitable due to the high demand for NFTs. Although it costs 4 AXS and 150 SLP (equivalent to around $211) to breed a pair of Axies for the first time, the potential profits are significant. With Axies currently selling for at least 0.1 Ether (approximately $270), there is a possibility of earning a moderate profit if AXS, SLP, and Axie prices remain stable. However, if the prices of AXS and SLP continue to rise while Axie prices remain stagnant, breeding Axies could become a riskier and less profitable investment. 

To increase potential earnings, some players mix strategies by breeding many Axies and hiring scholars to engage them. However, those considering such investments should ensure not to risk a large portion of their wealth in the game. As in any investment, careful consideration is necessary since the failure of one aspect of Axie Infinity could trigger a collapse of the rest.

What Are the Risk Factors?

Investing in Axie Infinity can bring significant profits, but it is important to be aware of the high-risk factor involved. While scholarships offer a rare opportunity to earn cryptos without mustering out funds for the startup costs, buying a team of Axies could cost more than $800. 

Even after investing, earning just $10-$15 daily through gameplay, it would take 50-80 days of toil to cover the initial costs. But, if the game continues to remain popular, you could always sell the NFTs in the future to recover your investment or even make a profit.

On the other hand, if the game loses popularity, your investment could lose its value, and in the worst cases, it could become completely worthless. Therefore, before investing in Axie Infinity, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the risks and weigh them against the potential profits.

Playing Axie Infinity vs. Investing in Axie. What’s Better?

When it comes to investing in Axie Infinity, there are two main strategies to consider: playing the game or investing in AXS. However, both strategies come with their own set of risks and rewards. Playing the game can earn you a decent profit but requires significant time and money. The resale value of Axies also plays a crucial role in determining profits. 

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On the other hand, investing in AXS can be even more speculative due to the limited information on its tokenomics and lack of use cases. The core team also has considerable control over the token supply and distribution. Despite the risks, those who invested in AXS earlier this year have reaped the benefits of its price surge. As with any investment, both strategies have pros and cons, and it’s important to do thorough research before diving in.


All in all, playing Axie Infinity can be a great way to make some extra money on the side or even become the main source of income. Of course, this doesn’t come without risks—including the possibility of losing all your money in a quick bad trade. But by letting your excitement stay in check and playing it smartly and with calculation, you can become a true force in the Axie economy! 

At Axie Infinity, there are many opportunities for anyone willing to take them on. So if you’re ready to start making real money off cryptocurrency games, make sure to follow us for more updates and guides on how to dominate the market!


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