Bioworkerz is a Play to Earn game designed to be played on mobile platforms for now, with cross-platform ports planned for the future. The game is inspired by two of the most popular mobile games of all time: Temple Run and Hill Climb Racing. In the world of Bioworkerz you play as a Bioworker who navigates a 3D world optimized for “collect and run” gameplay. He is constantly being attacked by enemies and needs to collect the BIOZ tokens, a crypto currency which is used for many different transactions. Collecting these tokens will allow him to continue his run through the world.

The player can use his earned or bought BIOZ tokens to upgrade his character and customize him with a new look.

Every time the player finished a round, they will have either earned or lost some tokens depending on their performance in the game. If the player loses all of their BIOZ tokens, they cannot continue playing until they acquired more tokens. This dynamic creates a progression system similar to Candy Crush. 

The BIOZ Token is the fuel of the Bioworkerz. Every player needs to hold BIOZ tokens to be able to play because the BIOZ Tokens get consumed whilst playing. If the players are not successful with collecting BIOZ Tokens, they lose coins. If they lose all of them, they are unable to continue playing. Other than from playing the game, the BIOZ tokens can be regained through BIOZ token staking, selling items, Airdrops or through purchasing them on a cryptocurrency exchange.

To maximize playtime the user needs to develop economical thinking skills. They shouldn’t use all their tokens on items or on playing. It’s smart to stake some tokens to build a passive stream of tokens which can then be used to purchase even stronger Items or get more playtime.

Bioworkerz Investment Rounds

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