Blast Royale

Blast Royale is an ecosystem that combines Battle Royale video games with a Play and Earn model. The integration of blockchain technology makes Blast Royale a disruptive innovator with enormous growth potential.

Blast Royale is designed with community at its core. The Blast Royale team will be responsible for developing and distributing initial assets but eventually the community will generate new assets which users will use to participate in the ecosystem.

The team will also be responsible for developing the functionalities that enable the metaverse in which the game operates to perform well and entertain its users. Many assets in the metaverse are NFTs designed to allow the creation of new gaming experiences.

The project has been conceived with an initial roadmap that will be developed over the coming months, with the full scope of the project envisaged to take several years of development. To build the community at the heart of this new ecosystem, we have created the $BLST token. Community members who hold the token will be able to participate in key votes for the future direction of Blast Royale.

Blast token ($BLST) is an ERC-20 token used to perform many actions within the Blast Royale metaverse: equipment purchases/sales, replication, crafting, upgrading. It will be accompanied by a secondary token – Craft Spice ($CS). Additionally, the $BLST holders eventually will be able to stake them in the Treasury and participate in votes.

To create a sustainable metaverse that allows long term user adoption, we carefully chose our partners and designed our tokenomics to be aligned around long term vision. We will also collaborate with market makers to mitigate risks even further.

Blast Royale Investment Rounds

Strategic price



15% unlocked at the TGE then 14.5% more every 3 months

Tokens For Sale