Co:Create Protocol a $25M seed round led by a16z crypto, with participation from VaynerFund, Packy McCormick’s Not Boring Capital, Amy Wu, and the teams behind RTFKT and, along with 50+ investors and web3 angels.

Co:Create provides the foundational infrastructure for decentralized brands of the future. It enables projects to mint NFTs, as well as launch their own DAOs and fungible tokens associated with their collections. This serves to expand individual communities, incentivize the growth of dApp ecosystems, and decentralize project governance. The Co:Create protocol will provide the tooling to support these communities in achieving their full potential.

This protocol design drives three major outcomes:

  • Expands the community: NFT collectors are added to the community (by receiving the NFT) and to the DAO (by receiving native tokens with their NFT purchase). If they sell the NFT later on, they can still participate in community governance. Furthermore, individuals excluded from participating in an NFT community due to elevated floor prices now have a way to join the ecosystem by purchasing the native token directly.
  • Incentivizes ecosystems to develop: Developers can receive grants in that project’s native token to build games, events, or experiences. As the ecosystem becomes more valuable, demand increases for the project’s NFTs, resulting in more demand for the native token through the royalty swaps.
  • Decentralizes creation and governance: The native token will be used to propose new NFT mints as well as vote on future NFT additions and the use of the DAO treasury. Decentralizing creation and governance enables projects to create more sustainable futures and evolve with input from their community.
Co:Create Investment Rounds

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