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  • NameCowboy Snake
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Image Cowboy Snake

How to participate in IDO

On BSCStation:

For IDO Guaranteed Allocation. BSCStation uses a tier model that requires users to stake at least 15,000 BSCS tokens or a required number of BSCS-BUSD/BSCS-BNB LP tokens to participate in an IDO. The details as follows:

Stake BSCS – minimum amount of tokens to stake for Bronze Tier is 15000. Staking Balance Snapshot will be made 24 hours before round opens. More BSCS staked will give you access to the next Tiers which have more pool weight.

Stake BSCS-BNB LP token or BSCS-BUSD LP token – minimum amount of BSCS/BNB LP Tokens to stake is 90, for BSCS/BUSD LP – 3000. Staking Balance Snapshot will be made 24 hours before round opens. The more LP tokens you own, the more chances to have an access to the next Tiers which have more pool weight.

On Gamestarter:

To be eligible for IDO participation you need to be whitelisted.

For any of the tiers you are required to stake the following:

  • 750 GAME for L1 [1x] (10% lottery) 5 days
  • 1250 GAME for L2 [2x] (25% lottery) 5 days
  • 2500 GAME for L3 [2x] (50% lottery) 5 days
  • 5K GAME for Guaranteed L1 [2x] 5 days
  • 7.5K GAME for Guaranteed L2 [3x] 5 days
  • 10K GAME for Guaranteed L3 [6x] 5 days
  • 15K GAME for Guaranteed L4 [14x] 5 days
  • 30K GAME for Guaranteed L5 [22x] 5 days
  • 60K GAME for Guaranteed L6 [28x] 5 days
  • 100K GAME for Legendary L1 [32x] 6 months
  • 150K GAME for Legendary L2 [32x] 3 months

About Cowboy Snake

Cowboy Snake is a game inspired by the Snake game, where each player can control their own snake to eat food that appears around and fight with snakes controlled by other players. Players only need to control their snake with the pointer and a click each time they want to speed up. In addition to highly entertaining and training acumen for players, Cowboy Snake is also a game for you to collect for Snake Rinium (RIM), a type of Snake Gem and the NFT items. The NFT items will be fully owned by the players. This is considered a reward for the players’ contributions to the ecosystem. This model is called “Play to Earn”.

This game is easy to understand and play with high entertainment, fair play and inflation control compared to most other NFT Games. In addition to the games, Cowboy Snake creates an entertaining and training environment through diverse ecosystems. It can control the inflation rate and help create a long term Play Game – Entertaining – Earn Money model. This is the first NFT game that builds Team vs Team (TvT) rules to increase the attraction and interaction in the player community, create a social environment in the game to improve the entertainment and training for all players. The game also applied the AR version to allow players to interact with the actual environment while playing the game and with The VR version, the game allows players to control the snake to adventure in the fantasy space of Cowboy Snake multi-dimensional universe.

There are 2 modes that the players can make money in the game:

  • PvE mode: Player’s snake will kill other snake and then kill the Shenron Dragon snake to get the chest in the challenge room. The chest contains random rewards such as: RIM token, NFT Egg pieces, NFT Eggs, NFT Hats
  • PvP mode: The players will battle each other for the top positions in the weekly ranking board in order to receive the rewards.

Also, the tournament competition function will be operated in 2023 as TvT mode.


There are two tokens: COWS & RIM

Applications of COWS:

  • Buy NFT items on Marketplace;
  • Farming;
  • Hold to get rewards from in-game mining fees;
  • Pay the fee to participate in the TvT tournament;
  • Certification of shareholder rights to participate in;
  • important votes;
  • Pay the fee to unfreeze Snake;

Applications of RIM:

  • Pay egg combination fee;
  • Pay hatching egg fee;
  • Pay the fee to enter the battle rooms;
  • Make food for Snakes;

Token burning mechanism:

  • COWS: 25% of Marketplace transaction fees will be used to do the redemption and burning.
  • RIM: 25% of the weekly treasure reward and 5% of the reward Claim fee will be used for burning.
Cowboy Snake Investment Rounds
IDO IS ENDED: Dec 21 — Dec 21 2021

IDO price



25% TGE, 25% monthly

Tokens For Sale

IDO IS ENDED: Dec 21 — Dec 21 2021

IDO price



25% TGE, 25% monthly

Tokens For Sale


Seed price



5% TGE, then 6% monthly

Tokens For Sale


Private price



6% TGE, then 6% monthly

Tokens For Sale