DBX is the first decentralized hybrid digital platform in the world where the user’s interests are in the first place: easiness, speed, confidentiality are provided due to a wide range of instruments: from PoS Consensus and masternodes to viability in the DeFi world.

The platform is equipped with the new generation zDBX (upgraded Zerocoin protocol) and QARK algorithms that provide security and confidentiality. ERC-20 protocol is integrated into the DBX ecosystem for increasing the communication of assets in the digital space.

DBX technologies provide simple access with minimum energy consumption and high speed of transactions, which is 10 seconds after the platform users deal with the services of individual and business infrastructure:

  •  Crypto АТМ service;
  •  Card processing;
  •  Marketplace and e-commerce;
  •  Investment instruments for working in the financial market with the possibility of diversification within the system, as well as systems ofsafe smart investments;
  •  B2B, C2C, B2C payment systems;
  •  Cyber games, digital media, media entertainment;
  •  Neural network for working with large amounts of information.
DBX Investment Rounds
IEO IS ENDED: Sep 01 — Sep 09 2021

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