DecentraWorld and its ecosystem of DApps were developed to address the serious privacy issues in modern blockchains, and aim to provide enhanced privacy solutions for DeFi users with its innovative DecentraMix, DecentraSwap, DecentraWallet DApps & its unique zero-knowledge blockchain DecentraChain.

$DEWO Token

  • Multi-chain: CRO, FTM, BSC, MATIC, AVAX, ETH
  • Access to easy bridging between chains
  • $DEWO mining and staking rewards
  • Access to running a relayer, and earning
  • Access to Governance portal
  • Early access to the DEWO blockchain
  • Cheaper fees across all of DApps
  • Access to private educational materials about privacy

Seed Sale Details

Vesting: 100% unlock on at Listing (May 17th, at 7PM UTC), and the rest 25%+ seed sale bonus tokens are released 10 days after the launch (May 27th). 100% of investors tokens 1:1 ratio will be released at the same time of launching $DEWO.

DecentraWorld Investment Rounds
Seed IS ENDED: May 07 — May 08 2022

Seed price