The Eco Currency is intended to serve as a decentralized alternative to fiat currencies. It is a decentralized crypto-reserve currency for the markets that emerge within online communities and offline use cases where the purchasing power of fiat currencies is in decline.

Eco features two tokens: the variable supply base currency (ECO) and a deflationary supply token (ECOx) intended to align incentives and bootstrap an open market signaling expectations for ECO adoption.

ECO (ticker: $ECO) is the base currency intended primarily for spending activity. ECO has a variable supply set by monetary policy.

ECOx (ticker: $ECOx) is a secondary token designed to promote sound governance and responsible growth. ECOx has a capped total supply that is designed to decrease over time.

Since ECO and ECOx have different purposes and use cases, they are allocated differently and their circulating supplies are expected to change at different rates.

There are a number of early market participants who purchased ECOx to support the Eco Currency’s early development. They include:

a16z Crypto, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, Founders Fund, L Catterton, Activant Capital, 1kx, Expa, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Collab+Currency, Slow Ventures, LionTree, and more.

Note: These are investors in the Eco Currency vision through ECOx only. Eco Association is an independent entity that exists to support the growth of the Eco Currency and community.

ECOx Investment Rounds
IEO IS ENDED: Nov 07 — Nov 07 2022

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