Eizper Chain

Eizper Chain gameplay contains synergy between adventure and arena battle. In adventure part players roam the fast world of Eizper guided enticing epic story full of twist and turn. While in arena battle part, players may compete against each other in battle event in hope to get rewards and recognition.

Eizper Chain’s NFTs are designed to have a variety of benefits. Apart from being part of your awesome personal collection and tradable digital illustrations, they will also possess in-game advantages that directly affect gameplay styles. The in-game NFTs are what are known as utility NFTs, this means each of them will have the ability to benefit and support player experience and progression in the game. Beside that, the Eizper Chain team have also created innovative AR collectible cards for every NFT holder.

Eizper Chain has five categories of NFTs: Items, Equipment (Weapon, Armor, Gear, etc), Enemies, NPCs, and Legendary Heroes. Item and Equipment NFTs can only be obtained by minting inside the game.

Key benefits of NFTs:

  • Item and Equipment NFTs will have the simple benefit that when you find a rare Item NFT or forge a rare Equipment NFT, you could then sell them to other players and earn money.
  • Enemy NFTs will allow players to take less damage when fighting enemies and give better odds of forging higher tier NFT equipment faster.
  • When using NPC NFTs, players will be able to speed up progress by obtaining extra rewards and having access to special trade deals from certain villager NPCs.
  • With Hero NFTs, you will be able to play that character who has special skills and abilities
  • Eizper Chain NFT rarity will be indexed by a 1-5 star tiering system. The more stars an NFT has, the more rare it is.
Eizper Chain Investment Rounds
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