Firework Games

Firework Games is a decentralized self-development and release platform for blockchain games. It aims to provide gamers worldwide with access to blockchain games and build a bridge for traditional games to evolve into blockchain games.

Spark Era is its first release, with an interstellar theme and the first self-developed massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Firework Games.

Players are invited to explore the vast universe and go on adventures by participating in dungeons, battling other players on spaceships and exploring.

The game integrates factors such as planet mining, renting NFT cards, a marketplace and more for players to earn by participating in the game.

In SPARK ERA, the key value driver lies in the monetary reward system provided by a robust and balanced economic system, as well as the support from in-game and blockchain mechanics. A complementary goal of the development team is to offer reference and model for real-world innovation and development by using this virtual world as an experimental sandbox for economic and community governance research.

Governance Token: FIRE Token

SPARK ERA will use FIRE Token, the unique pass in Firework Games, as one of its in-game tokens which will be widely used in the in-game economic system.

As in-game governance currency, FIRE Token plays an important role in DAO governance, in-game distribution, and community governance.

The FIRE tokens can be used to buy game tokens that are going to deploy on Firework Games platform.

Utility Token: QUARK Token

SPARK ERA will use QUARK Token as one of its in-game tokens which will be widely used in the in-game economic system.

As the in-game utility currency, QUARK Token will be widely used in daily gaming activities such as game trading, NFT assets upgrade, game battles, resource collection, and planet construction.

Firework Games Investment Rounds

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