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Jumbo is designed to be the most user-friendly exchange that sets out to eliminate the common struggles people experience when navigating Decentralized Exchanges. Thanks to various aspects of NEAR Blockchain and proprietary algorithms, Jumbo works seamlessly meaning each interaction with the exchange is supplemented with immediate visual feedback and appropriate instructions.  

Jumbo is specifically created to serve one purpose – unobtrusive and fun experience when trading/swapping, and staking your digital assets. Main Features of Jumbo Exchange:

  • Swap. The traditional feature of all Dex
  • Permissionless Liquidity Pools. Permissionless liquidity pools enable anyone to create and establish a liquidity pool for a specific asset without a need for any third-party’s confirmation. Jumbo implements a toolset that streamlines the creation of a liquidity pool for any project that is willing to be traded on the platform
  • On-the-fly Pool Transition. Jumbo accentuates the importance of User Experience and puts higher value on creating and designing a platform that eases the interaction with pools. Therefore Jumbo puts emphasis on the free-flowing nature of transitioning from one pool to another. This is an exceptionally useful tool that will facilitate higher earnings from each pool by changing to the most profitable one on the fly without imposing egregious fees because of the predictable pricing schema of Near Blockchain
  • Smart Pools. Smart Pool is the two-branch algorithm-based system that enables a highly convenient way to provide liquidity. Each pool on Jumbo DEX represents a separate instance to which users might want to provide liquidity to. Traditionally, a pool with higher APY is seen as the most likely candidate for providing liquidity. However, in general, APY is not necessarily representative of the most output since there are a lot of factors that can influence APY percentage in prospect. This is exactly what Smart Pool algorithm strives to achieve – homogeneous distribution of liquidity across pools and detection of the most prospective opportunities for providing liquidity
  • Jets. Jets represent the interface layer that notifies about a potential avenue for liquidity-providing. Essentially, Jets conveniently displays the most promising pools based on the correlative factor of Volume to Liquidity. This visually indicative interface aids in discovering underappreciated pools that in turn makes the pools on Jumbo DEX more homogenized.

Jumbo Exchange will utilize the native token functionality common to the traditional DEXes. In essence Jumbo’s native token usage can be subdivided in two main utility cases: Governance and Incentivization.

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Jumbo Exchange Investment Rounds
IDO IS ENDED: Jan 11 — Jan 25 2022

IDO price



20% on TGE, 3 months cliff, then 20% monthly

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