Leap Wallet

Leap is a next-generation wallet for Terra that brings dApp access, staking, DeFi, NFTs, identity, social, web3 and web2 app interactions into one platform. We aim to become the most user-friendly crypto wallet for Terra and your gateway to every exciting aspect of the Terraverse. Leap is built keeping in mind every Terra user — right from the beginner wanting one-click savings to the advanced LUNAtic using several complex financial products.

Product Strategy

Leap aims to deliver the best wallet experience for LUNAtics by focusing on:

  1. User experience — drawing inspiration from top web2 consumer apps and through deep user research, Leap wallet will offer a simple and intuitive UX delivered through a clean and well-designed UI.
  2. Convenience — all critical components of a user’s Terra experience will live inside the wallet, as opposed to requiring navigation between different platforms.
  3. Trust & security — Building a wallet with best-in-class security and protecting users from scams & phishing attacks is our top priority. Leap is a non-custodial wallet, i.e. it does not store user private keys and can never access user funds.
  4. Decentralized stablecoins as the future of money — as this vision unfolds, we will partner with the necessary dApps/protocols to help users best on-ramp, save, invest and spend Terra stablecoins.
  5. Next generation wallet features — keeping pace with cutting-edge crypto innovations, we will integrate NFTs, gaming, metaverse, identity, social, commerce and interactive media experiences with Leap.
  6. Composable & Modular architecture — we are building Leap’s tech stack to be composable & modular, to scale & iterate faster. In the future these modular components can be extended to build adjacent products.

Leap Wallet team has announced the closure of our $3.2M Private Sale led by CoinFund and Pantera Capital with participation from Arrington Capital, Accel, and Terraform Labs. Team is grateful to have marquee web3 investors and look forward to leveraging their deep industry expertise and network on our journey.

Leap Wallet Investment Rounds

Private price



6 months cliff, linear vesting for 36 months

Tokens For Sale