LEND is a cross-chain lending protocol that brings the “real yield” narrative to all users, in a seamless cross-chain environment.

The current batch of lending protocols are only available through the native chain, making it impossible to provide and borrow assets across various blockchain ecosystems.

LEND makes it possible to borrow and lend assets between various chains. Increasing borrowing capacity expands the lenders’ opportunity to earn interest. Borrowers will also benefit from lower borrowing rates on multiple chains thanks to LEND.

In order to benefit from the whole DeFi ecosystem, the LEND protocol enables lenders and borrowers to communicate directly across all chains. Omnichain is the future.

LEND has developed the Mortgage Master model contract, which allows users to borrow across chains. Users in this model can deposit assets on any parent chain and earn borrow interest based on the interest rate specified. In this model, borrowing on the same chain as depositing remains unchanged.

The Mortgage Master comes into the picture if the user wants to borrow in any chain other than the parent chain, which is the native chain on which the user has funds. In this case, the collateral amount is assigned to the Mortgage Master. The Mortgage Master contract borrows money on the user’s behalf by sending a cross-chain message to the destination chain. In the same transaction, the user receives the borrowed funds.

All of this, in one click.

Earn on your favorite crypto assets: LEND allows users to supply liquidity and earn interest on a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies.

Seamless cross-chain transactions: Experience hassle-free cross-chain transactions with just one click.

Sharing protocol revenue: LEND shares 25% of the protocol’s revenue with $LEND token holders, providing a consistent passive income stream.

LEND Token Utilities:

$LEND tokens play a crucial role in the LEND ecosystem, offering holders the following benefits:

  • Earn protocol revenue: LEND token stakers or lockers automatically earn 25% of the protocol’s revenue.
  • Participate in governance: Have a say in the future of LEND by voting on key decisions.
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LEND Investment Rounds

IDO price



15% at TGE, followed by a 1 month cliff with linear vesting for 5 months at 17% per month

Tokens For Sale


Seed price



5% at Token Generation Event (TGE), followed by a 4 month cliff with linear vesting from months 5 -> 15 at 8.64% per month

Tokens For Sale