Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds is a 1st of its kind NFT platform experience where NFTs are geographically bound to real world locations for collectors to discover and mint.

The platform gives creators, brands and players the ability to use geo-location as a medium, merging the physical and Web3 world providing a new layer of scarcity and utility in how we evaluate and value people’s experience with NFTs. In short, Lost Worlds brings NFTs into the real world.

This utility also creates “work” and “value” within the ecosystem, where one must either travel, or be within a specified region to mint a desired NFT. This constraint opens up opportunities to layer on DeFi incentives and components to reward the energy of creating, minting and the buying/selling of location based NFTs. This means creators can submit any form of NFT, from a 1 of 1, event based music drop, location-based scavenger hunts, games, or ideas yet to be scene in the space.

The LOST Token

LOST is the native token of the Lost Worlds platform, serving as a reward mechanism and access token for participants. At launch users can:

  • Stake LOST to Access Tiered Location Based NFT projects;
  • Stake LOST to Unlock Features and Rewards;
  • Stake LOST for Staking Rewards;
  • Use LOST for Community Access and future say in projects that get deployed on the platform.

Lost Worlds uses a tiered staking system of Bronze, Silver, and Gold as a foundation to access the platform.

Lost Worlds Investment Rounds
IDO IS ENDED: Mar 28 — Mar 29 2022

IDO price



25% at TGE, 30-day cliff, weekly vesting for 12 weeks.

Tokens For Sale


Private price



10% at TGE, 90-day cliff, daily linear vesting for 18 months.

Tokens For Sale