Metahorse has a digital horse ecosystem that enables its players to experience a Play-2-Earn based Gameplay. Players can join two types of Modes in Metahorse – the Player versus Environment (PvE) modes and the Players versus Players (PvP) modes. The PvE modes are designed to facilitate players in getting off to a good start by earning $METAH tokens, while, the PvP modes are developed to compete against other players in horse racing events. Where the players improve their in-game standings and earn more $METAH tokens. Also, these modes bring players closer to attaining the highest in-game honor Metah Horse and ultimately a real horse.

The Token offered by the Metahorse ecosystem is $METAH and it is based on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). The total supply of $METAH Tokens will be 450,000,000.

Token Utility:

  • METAHORSE NFT. Purchase Metahorse NFT to Play-2-Earn or rent out to other players via Renting Program.
  • PVE MODE. Join the Jogging and Racing mode daily to earn METAH Tokens.
  • PVP MODE. Join the Rank mode and Tournament mode to earn more METAH Tokens and advanced to Metah Horse Honor.
  • BREEDING & FUSION. Breed or Fuse to produce a new Metahorse NFT for participation in various game modes, personal collection, scholarship program, and trade for profit.
  • STAKING & EARN. Stake Metahorse NFT or METAH Tokens to boost your earnings.
  • EARN A REAL HORSE. Achieve the highest honor of Metah Horse and redeem your real horse from Metahorse.

The total initial market capitalization at TGE will be 50,725,685 METAH that will be equivalent to 11.27% of the total token supply. The staking, marketing, CEX, liquidity and private sales will be the major contributor to the initial market capital. Whereas out of all these pools, only public sales to of 375,000 $METAH that will be equivalent to 37500 USD (0.35% of total supply) will be generated through the market in the first month (assuming the token price at 0.10 BUSD/METAH).

Metahorse Investment Rounds

Private price



3 weeks cliff vest linear weekly in 43 weeks

Tokens For Sale