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  • NameOndo Finance
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Ondo Finance

Ondo Finance is an open and decentralized investment bank. Ondo’s core business is to service and connect various stakeholders in the emerging DeFi ecosystem — including DAOs, institutional and retail.

A few key features of Ondo:

  • Leader in Facilitating DEX Liquidity: Ondo is a pioneer in the liquidity-as-a-service space with live partnerships with 10+ DAOs as well as commitments from four stablecoin issuers (FEI, FRAX, UST, and RAI) for $100m+ in new liquidity and related incentives. By matching DAOs (capital demand) with underwriters (capital supply) to provide liquidity for their native token, users can easily trade these tokens in decentralized exchanges.
  • Rapid Organic Growth: Ondo has not established any liquidity mining campaigns or any other incentive program to stimulate liquidity on the protocol, making it one of the largest protocols by TVL on Ethereum without incentives.
  • Bridging DeFi and Traditional Finance: Ondo makes DeFi accessible and more valuable to traditional by both aggregating conventional DeFi protocols and repackaging their exposures using traditional finance techniques into the risk / return profiles.
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Ondo Finance Investment Rounds
ICO IS ENDED: May 12 — May 12 2022

ICO price



12-month lock-up from 01.06.22 with a 6-month release period thereafter

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