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Orchid Labs’ mission is to build open-source software that keeps the internet open and accessible — a natural resource for everyone, everywhere.

Orchid Labs was founded in 2017 and its initial focus is to build an open marketplace for bandwidth on Ethereum, and a VPN client for all major operating systems.

The Orchid Network consists of relay and bridge nodes that stake Orchid tokens (ERC20) in order to earn fees for bandwidth. The list of nodes is stored in an Ethereum smart contract that is decentralized, accessible, and editable by anyone around the world.

Users use the Orchid App as a VPN service for their phone or home computer. In the backend, the application is using our probabilistic nano-payment system to purchase bandwidth on the fly. Information is protected at each relay hop, providing security not seen in traditional, single hop VPN implementations. Unlike traditional VPNs, no relay or exit receives any customer’s personal information. Users can switch providers depending upon speed, price, location and availability in the marketplace.

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