PUML is a unique Move to Earn platform that rewards users for completing health challenges in the mobile application available on IOS and Android. The following features make PUML distinctively unique than other similar applications in the market:

  • Two-token-model with a game coin (PUML) and new Utility coin PUMLx.
  • PUMLx to allow crypto native users to earn rewards using Move to Earn principles. Users are not required to own an NFT to start earning.
  • Multi – Revenue Model (Primary & Secondary NFT Sales + Corporate facing API keys)
  • Longer term challenges designed to actively incentivise long-term exercise and app usage.
  • PUML seamlessly connects to all major wearables (Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc), allowing accurate tracking of health data. All integrations are native connections and PUML can gamify rich health data such as steps, heart rate, calories and more.
  • Distributed Digital Health Record to protect user data.
  • Users can earn PUMLx for completing a range of challenges including: Steps, Meditation, Sleep, etc making PUML the most sophisticated move-to-earn platform.
  • Gamified Challenge Engine built on Ethereum and Polygon
PUMLx Investment Rounds
IDO IS ENDED: Oct 07 — Oct 07 2022

IDO price



25% at the listing date, 3 months cliff, 15% monthly for 5 months

Tokens For Sale