Shush Club

Shush Club is a blockchain-based Adult Content Platform.

The native token of SHUSH CLUB is ($SHUSH) it will be the currency used within the ecosystem. 

$SHUSH will have a free-to-all element unlike Only fans and similar platforms. However, $SHUSH will be required in order to access the Premium and VIP level content.

$SHUSH holders will be able to stake their tokens for attractive APYs.

Sponsorship & Advertising will play a key role within SHUSH. Token holders and Content Creators will receive a portion of advertising revenue, creating a universal reward system.

The token will allow token holders to purchase exclusive and VIP content.

One of the main utility of the tokens is to purchase Creator produced NFTs.

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Shush Club Investment Rounds
IDO IS ENDED: Aug 24 — Aug 24 2022

IDO price



20% at TGE, then 20% each month

Tokens For Sale