Stargate Finance

Stargate is a fully composable liquidity transport protocol that lives at the heart of Omnichain DeFi. With Stargate, users & dApps can transfer native assets cross-chain while accessing the protocol’s unified liquidity pools with instantly guaranteed finality. The universe is infinite with Stargate:

  • Transfer. Swap 1:1 native assets cross-chain, accessing Stargate’s unified liquidity pools
  • Pools. Add liquidity to Stargate’s Omnichain protocol and earn stablecoin rewards on every Stargate transfer
  • Farms. Stargate liquidity providers can farm their LP tokens in exchange for STG rewards
  • Stake. STG holders can lock their STG tokens to receive veSTG, Stargate’s governance token.
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Stargate Finance Investment Rounds
ICO IS ENDED: Mar 18 — Mar 18 2022

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0.0% tge, 12 months cliff, 0.548% daily

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