The Fabled

The Fabled is a play-to-earn open world blockchain-based RPG utilizing Unreal Engine 5 with metaverse and NFT mechanics.

Gamers can trade and collect weapons, craft ingredients and items, and use them in battle. Trading will take place within the blockchain involving reward tokens which gamers earn while playing The Fabled.

The Fabled native $ABYS token is used for:

  • minting ingredients to make items
  • minting new characters
  • renting characters
  • getting reward for defeating a boss
  • staking for rewards

Whitepaper and tokenomics are being developed at the moment and would be updated when team publishes that information.

The Fabled Investment Rounds
Private/Pre-sale IS ENDED: Dec 04 — Dec 05 2021

Private/Pre-sale price



10% at TGE, 2 months cliff, monthly release over 18 months

Tokens For Sale