zkLaunch will function as a fully decentralized and self-governed hub for teams, the community and private investors:

  • teams will be able to present their complete or in-progress work, including Github codebase, pitches, one-pagers, presentations and tokenomics descriptions;
  • the community of $ZKL token holders and stakers will then vote for the best projects that will make it to public funding;
  • the private investors may then choose to invest in said projects;
  • in turn, teams share a direct fixed % fee from funds raised (TBD) with token holders & stakers, while also buying and burning the $ZKL tokens (indirect fee) for extra features & deeper analytics;
  • finally, the community is directly and indirectly rewarded in the process, and is motivated to preselect quality projects for funding, as well as participate in testing and feedback of these projects at an early stage.

The token

$ZKL token will be listed on DEX and CEX and used across the ecosystem for staking, burning, governance and voting for new projects. Holding, LPing and staking certain amount of tokens will result in earlier access to private sales. As a result, it will be the de-facto token to invest in ZK tech and blockchain innovation. Token is designed to be deflationary through burns by teams who wish to be listed, and accrue value from funds raised by teams to holders & stakers. 

zkLaunch Investment Rounds

Pre-Seed price

Pre-sale IS ENDED: May 14 — May 24 2023

Pre-sale price



100% at TGE

Tokens For Sale