Is it still worth investing in ICOs or IDOs?


Individuals and companies are increasingly accounting for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Initial DEX Offerings as means to partake in investment opportunities or raise capital. With the online assets and associated technology, an efficient method of transactions can be introduced.

The opportunities in crypto are rushing up fast. Extensive research is necessary to decipher the gains and how to invest. However, acting upon our decision remains the final step which involves risks as we do not know the direction of the wind. Nonetheless, with proper planning and market analysis, an individual can catch the wind, and avail the numerous benefits.

ICOs and IDOs have provided crowd-sourced capital with bountiful projects access, which is advantageous to a wider industry. Also, it offers increased flexibility, transparency with high and instant liquidity.

Transforming the future with NFT trends

NFTs have revolutionized the online realm and industries. It has transform gaming into investing and NFTs are increasingly being adopt by diverse industries such as medicine, art, finance, and gaming.

Currently, there are hundreds of games that revolve around NFTs. NFTs are showcasing the increasing potential for advancing the operations of the in-game marketplace. Also, several games are walking towards play-to-earn models, thus making the players earn real money. Current trends depict that their popularity is going to explore in 2022.

The shaking-up trend is not just restrict to P2E models. It seeps its implications beyond traditional gaming, into the realm of the metaverse. Metaverse is an online shared space that combines physical and virtual reality.  Metaverse is being seen as the future of digital interactions and the upcoming platform for the internet. It combines the domains of social interaction, entertainment, and work. With the gaining popularity, developments to incorporate safety, privacy, and interoperability in the metaverse are being made.

The value of an asset is driven by its utility and scarcity. The NFTs will enable the creators to incorporate, both utility as well as scarcity into the metaverse allowing a distinct economic system to proliferate within.

Hottest NFT trends

The potential uses of NFTs are endless. It claimed that all the purchases in the coming years will incorporate NFTs. Others suppose that the legal documents will replace by smart contracts. The renowned players such as Facebook, Twitter, Visa, and Reddit are keeping a keen eye on NFTs and ensuring that they do not miss any boom.

The Future of NFTs is promising and will continue to grow in 2022 and beyond.

Some of the upcoming and latest trends in NFTs are given below.

  • NFT ticketing
  • NFT gaming
  • PFP NFTs and Avatars
  • Digital twin NFTs
  • NFT fragmentation
  • Scaling websites and blockchains
  • Financial NFTs
  • Medical NFTs
  • NFT art
  • NFT streaming
  • AI NFTs

Unleash the potential of NFT borrowing and lending platforms

The transformation in online money is now striding towards banking as cryptocurrency begins to mould the manner individuals borrow and save.

Several NFT users have assets in their digital wallets that cannot used unless they interact with some platform. Thus, instead of sitting idle in the market, the users can lend their assets to others and earn money from them. The NFT borrowing and lending platform enable the users to get loans by using their assets as lease or collateral to other users in the platform. The users can access liquidity by retaining their possession of the assets.

The NFTs are increasingly drawing users in numerous forms such as sports, videos, music, arts, and more. They are also assisting markets to advance their financial models. The non-fungible token platform enables the users to earn income by building and lending NFTs to other users. Exponential growth in crypto lending platforms is noticed.

The NFT borrowing and lending platforms enable individuals to utilize NFTs as collateral to borrow or lend loans. NFT lenders can use extra context information and the historical value of NFTs’ digital assets to form conversant decisions. The platforms offer immutability, transparency, secured transactions, liquidity, optimized and convenient workflow.

The smart contracts of non-fungible token borrowing and landing platforms serve as an escrow by managing the entire process, right from facilitating loans to recognizing bad loans. The platforms allow owners of NFT to borrow or lend funds with their tokens as collateral for the smart contracts.

NFTs and DeFi- a good pair?

The prominent trends in the existing cryptocurrency market are NFTs and Defi. Defi provides decentralized access to financial solutions while NFTs emphasize the tokenization of assets. The evolution of NFTs is a suitable tool for Defi, and can serve as a remarkable contributor to the advancement of decentralized finance.

The non-fungible tokens uniquely store value and feature their value locked in a specific asset. The approximation of the NFTs value differs as per the market and level of the individual. It is impossible to replicate or replace NFTs and thus, they possess their individuality. Decentralized finance is a financial system that has its foundation in blockchain technology. It allows decentralized financial management via different tools.

Earlier, the real estate investments demanded piles of documentation and were illiquid. The incorporation of these assets in blockchain as online tokens made it easier to transfer and represent the possession. Also, NFTs helped in mobilizing and unlocking value. As NFTs deliver value propositions, they need to priced. The NFTs would be consider as an asset in decentralized finance as they work effectively with different financial services and processes. As NFTs are value-base assets, they deliver the possibilities of advancement in the accruing income or value of assets from the assets to the owner. Whereas, Defi can provide the opportunity for harnessing the value-form NFTs.

The design patterns of Defi are gradually combine with NFTs and its marketplaces. Similar to Decentralised Finance projects, Rarible delivers an NFT marketplace that focuses primarily on creators. Its governance token implements the required mechanisms for regulation as per Decentralised Autonomous organization. The RARI token owners can vote for upgrades in the platform along with actively participating in the moderation of the marketplace.

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