Axie Infinity Cards List Guide – Everything You Need to Know!


Are you looking to get into the world of Axie Infinity Cards? This game, created by Sky Mavis, is a combination of collectible card games and virtual pet battles, giving players an exciting way to experience fantasy gaming.  As a player, you’ll need to assemble decks of cards that contain creatures or Beasts known as Aeropolis Guardians. These Guardians can be leveled up and used in turn-based combat with other players all around the world!

Whether you’re new to the game or have been playing for months now, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the complex rules, understand what each Beast does best, and become a master strategist when it comes time to battle. Keep reading for all your must-know information in this Axie Infinity cards guide!

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About Axie Infinity Universe 

A vast array of cards make up the Axie Infinity Universe, and navigating them can initially seem daunting. The six classes -Aqua, Beast, Plant, Bird, Bug, and Reptile- are just the starting point for this expansive landscape; further divided by parts (Tail, Back, Mouth, Horn) and range and costs, it quickly becomes clear why those familiar with all 132 cards have an advantage in the Arena Mode.

Knowing which of the cards offer offensive power versus which provide defensive protection adds an additional layer to this already complex experience. It’s interesting to explore how certain cards can be used both on their own and in combination with others. Strategically implementing combinations of cards that pack a punch while limiting damage taken is essential for achieving a high win rate.

How Do Axie Cards Work?

You have the opportunity to play cards in each round. These cards feature the offensive and defensive moves available to your Axie, depending on the different card type. You start with 6 cards and receive three more at the end of each round.

Cards are a key part of the Axie Infinity experience. Here is an overview of what they are and how they work.


Each card has a unique name that describes its effect or condition.

Energy Cost

Every move requires a certain amount of energy to activate, which can be increased or decreased depending on the class of your Axie and the opponent’s class.


Damage dealt by the card depends on both your Axie’s class and the enemy’s class, with a 10% bonus if your Axie has the same element as the card and a 15% bonus if the enemy is weak to it — both bonuses can stack.


Cards also provide shielding to your Axie, giving it protection from damage.

Card Effects

The effects of cards vary greatly, but players must use 1 energy in every case to activate them. These effects may range from buffing stats to curing status conditions.


You’ll notice that each card corresponds with one of the body colors of an Axie — Aqua cards are blue, Plant cards are green, etc. This helps players quickly identify what their options are during battles.

All Axie Infinity Cards List

  • Hermit: Hermit uses Shelter to prevent critical hits from landing.
  • Goldfish: Goldfish utilizes Swift Escape to double its speed for a couple of rounds when attacked.
  • Sponge: Sponge employs Shipwreck to increase its attack stats once the Shield has been breached.
  • Anemone: The Anemone card is a powerful tool, utilizing Aqua Vitality to restore 50 hit points when put into play.
  • Perch: The Perch card requires two other cards to be combined with it in order for its ability, Spinal Tap, to become available; this skill focuses on idle targeting.
  • Babylonia: Babylonia’s Shell Jab enables it to wreak havoc with 130% accuracy on an idle target.
  • Teal Shell: Teal Shell’s Deep Sea Gore boosts attack power by 30%
  • Clamshell: Clamshell’s Clam Slash increases attack strength against Beast, Bug, and Mech enemies.
  • Lam: Lam is a powerful card that can use its special move, Angry Lam, to inflict massive damage when the Axie’s HP level is at or below 50%.
  • Catfish: Catfish can employ its signature attack, Swallow, to heal up to 80% of the damage it might have sustained.
  • Fish Hook: Fish Hook uses Risky Fish, an attack specifically designed to deal maximum damage to Plant, Reptile, and Dusk-type enemies.
  • Piranha: Piranha utilizes Crimson Walker, which is more effective when used on enemies lower than 50% Axie’s HP.
  • Koi: Koi, when combined with another Aquatic card, activates Upstream Swim – a special ability that increases the speed of both cards for two consecutive rounds. This provides a great advantage in battle as it can quickly turn the tide against an opponent.
  • Nimo: Nimo utilizes Tail Slap to boost its energy when combined with another card.
  • Navaga: Navaga takes advantage of Flanking Smack, dealing a whopping 120% damage if it gets the first move.
  • Shrimp: Shrimp turns to Chitin Jump in order to concentrate on attacking the target that is farthest away.
  • Ronin: Ronin uses Single combat to ensure a guaranteed critical hit if used with two other cards.

Card deck. Collection game art. Fantasy UI kit with magic items. User interface design elements with decorative frame. Equipment assets. Cartoon vector illustration. Card deck. Collection game art. Fantasy UI kit with magic items. User interface design elements with decorative frame. Equipment assets. Cartoon vector illustration. Crystal and magic stones. gaming cards stock illustrations

  • Hero: Hero executes Heroic Reward, drawing an extra card if attacking an enemy belonging to either the Aquatic, Bird, or Dawn faction.
  • Jaguar: Jaguar leverages Nitro Leap to ensure it strikes first in Last Stand mode.
  • Timber: Timber utilizes ‘Woodman Power’ to amplify the shield level with equivalent damage inflicted on Plant opponents.
  • Little Branch: Little Branch employs ‘Branch Charge’ which augments hitting with a critical chance by 20% when used in combination with other Plant cards.
  • Imp: Imp boasts ‘Ivory Stab,’ enabling them to gain 1 energy for every successful critical strike their team lands.
  • Merry: Merry has access to ‘Merry Legion,’ a maneuver that ups its Shield by 20% when used in a sequence of attacks.
  • Pocky: Pocky can use ‘Sugar Rush’ (1 energy) – 120 Damage and 20 Shield – to make each Bug Axie in the team deliver increased damage of 10%.
  • Dual Blade:  Dual Blade executes a mighty move called ‘Sinister Strike,’ (1 Energy) – 130 Damage and 20 Shield – where it can cause 200% damage upon a successful critical attack.
  • Arco: Arco utilizes its ability named ‘Acrobatic,’ granting enhanced speed for two turns.
  • Nut Cracker: A Nutcracker card can be used to devastating effect, dealing an impressive 120% damage to enemies when combined with another NutCracker card.
  • Rice: Rice cards can sap one energy from enemies if used alongside other cards.
  • Shiba: When utilized in Last Stand mode, Shiba’s Rampant Howl will bolster morale for two whole rounds.
  • Gerbil: Gerbil Jump allows the user to skip over the closest target if more than two opponents remain on the field.
  • Kingfisher:  Kingfisher’s Patient Hunter specializes in targeting aquatic foes, but only if the user’s HP is below half.
  • Trump: Trump’s Air Force One deals tremendous damage of up to 120% when used with another Trump card.
  • Feather Spear: The Feather Spear can deal an impressive 120% damage when it executes the Feather Lunge move alongside another card with a Lunge effect.

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  • Peace Maker: Peace Maker is able to use a Peace Treaty to increase its attack stats significantly.
  • Hungry Bird: When Hungry Bird’s HP is below half, it can utilize Insectivore to target Bug enemies in particular.
  • Little Owl: Little Owl has the ability to deploy Dark Swoop at the fastest enemy on the field.
  • Feather Fan: Thanks to Sunder Armor, the Feather Fan can enhance its Shield by 20% for every debuff it has acquired.
  • Cloud: Cloud’s Puffy Smack allows it to bypass targets in Last Stand mode.
  • Snail Shell: Snail Shell will use Sticky Goo to stun attackers if its Shield has been breached, and when the enemy has been attached with at least 2 additional cards ~ a guaranteed critical strike!
  • Sandal: Sandal can inflict 50% more damage on Bug enemies through its Bug Splat move.
  • Laggin: Laggin uses its Mystic Rush ability to double its speed for two rounds.
  • Pliers: Pliers utilize Dull Grip, which deals 30% more damage to targets with shielding.
  • Leaf Bug: When used with a Plant card, Leaf Bug can employ Disguise to gain energy.
  •  Mosquito: Mosquito can use Blood Taste to heal themselves by the same amount of damage it inflicts on their target.
  • Pincer: Pincer randomly removes one card from the rival’s hand.
  • Cute Bunny: When played in a chain, Cute Bunny adds fear status onto the chosen target for two turns.
  • Square Teeth: Square Teeth can use Mite Bite, which will inflict 100% extra damage when used with another card.
  • Ant: Ant can utilize Chemical Warfare, causing Stench status on a single target for one round.
  • Fish Snack: Fish Snack utilizes an anesthetic bait to render Aquatic and Bird cards unconscious.
  • Pupae: Pupae use Grub Explode as a last-ditch effort to deal double the amount of damage normally inflicted.
  • Thorny Caterpillar: Thorny Caterpillar’s Allergic Reaction is capable of landing 130% damage on enemies that have been debuffed.

Game asset pack. Crown and helmet kit. Fantasy card with magic items. User interface design elements with decorative frame. Cartoon vector illustration. Game asset pack. Crown and helmet kit. Fantasy card with magic items. Cartoon vector illustration. User interface design elements with decorative frame. gaming cards stock illustrations

  • Pumpkin: When Pumpkin’s October Treat is utilized, it has the potential to draw a card if the user’s Shield has not been breached.
  • Bamboo Shoot: Bamboo Shoot can be used with another Plant card, increasing damage by 20%, thanks to its Bamboo Clan ability.
  • Beech: Beech is equipped with a Wooden Stab, which is capable of dealing 120% damage in the event that the user’s Shield has already been damaged.
  • Cactus: Cactus can deliver 120% of its full attack power when it goes second in a battle.
  • Serious:  Serious uses Vegetal Bite to take energy away from opponents when used in conjunction with another card.
  • Zigzag: Zigzag utilizes Drain Bite as a healing ability, as the damage it inflicts on the user restores 50 HP.
  • Herbivore: Herbivore employs Vegan Diet to recover their health by inflicting damage on plant-type enemies.
  • Carrot: Carrot has access to Carrot Hammer – Whenever the Axie’s shield breaks, the Axie will receive 1 Energy, which enables them to replenish their energy should their Shield be broken.
  • Cattail: Cattail utilizes Cattail Slap, allowing them to draw Axie cards if Beast, Bug, or Mech cards are attacked.

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  • Hatsune: Hatsune can execute Leek Leak and disable opposing ranged-type cards for the following rounds.
  • Potato Leaf:  Potato Leaf makes use of Aqua Deflect to dodge any Aquatic card attacks if they have other allies present.
  • Hot Butt: Hot Butt is able to cast Spicy Surprise and disable the target’s mouth cards for one round.
  • Bone Sail, Rugged Sail:  Bone Sail, Rugged Sail – if the user’s Shield is broken, they are able to use Ivory Chop to draw a card. This card will then allow them to restore their defenses.
  • Indian Star: Bulkwark allows the user to deflect 40% of all incoming damage back to their attacker. This can be used as an effective counterattack strategy.
  • Red Ear: Slippery Shield enables Red Ear users to bolster the shields of their teammates by 15%. This gives them more flexibility in battle and can help turn the tides of battle in their favour.
  • Scaly Spear: If a Scaly Spear user employs two lunge cards at once, they can deliver 120% damage with Scaly Lunge. This allows them to launch powerful attacks with great speed and accuracy.
  • Cerastes: Surprise Invasion enables Cerastes users to land 130% damage if their enemy is faster than themselves. This helps even out the playing field between speedy enemies and slower Cerastes users.
  • Incisor: Utilizing Disarm, Incisor users can reduce their enemy’s speed for two whole rounds.
  • This gives them time to mount a counter-offensive or retreat while giving themselves a strategic advantage over their opponents.
  • Bumpy: With Overgrow Keratin, Bumpy users are able to heal 20 points of Shield per round which helps keep them alive longer and stay on the offensive against enemies who would otherwise overwhelm them quickly.
  • Toothless Bite, Venom Bite: Toothless Bite and Venom Bite use Sneaky Raid to pick off the farthest enemy from their current position.
  • Kotaro: Kotaro employs its signature Kotaro Bite to suck in energy from any foes that are faster than the user.
  • Razor Bite: Razor Bite unleashes Why So Serious to heal itself from any injuries inflicted by
  • aquatically-based cards. If used in combination with two other cards, Tiny Turtle’s Chomp can incapacitate the enemy, leaving them unable to fight back.
  • Wall Gecko, Escaped Gecko: Wall Gecko, Escaped Gecko both make use of Critical Escape, reducing all damage taken by 15% during a round.
  • Tiny Dino: Tiny Dino takes advantage of Tiny Swing which can inflict an extra 50% more damage after the fourth round has concluded.
  • Blue Moon: Blue Moon utilizes Scale Dart to draw a card when the user is in the Last Stand phase of a battle.
  • Anemone: Anemone applies Aquaponics technology to restore fifty hit points with each successful attack.
  • Oranda: Oranda employs Hero’s Bane to terminate an enemy’s Last Stand experience abruptly.
  • Shoal Star:  Shoal Star takes advantage of Star Shuriken to impede a foe from entering a Last Stand.
  • Tadpole: Tadpole utilizes Black Bubble to curse the target for two rounds, resulting in them taking additional damage and being incapable of attacking for that duration.
  • Ranchu  Ranchu capitalizes on Water Sphere to lower the temperature around their enemy, reducing their speed and attack power over two turns.
  • Risky Beast  Risky Beast summons Revenge Arrow, which inflicts 150% damage if the user is in Last Stand mode.
  • Furball Furball launches Juggling Balls to attack three times consecutively.
  • Goda: Goda uses Piercing Sound to destroy an opponent’s energy reserves, leaving them drained and vulnerable.
  • Axie Kiss: Axie Kiss can use Death Mark, a technique capable of delivering lethal blows to an opponent whose health is below 30%.
  • Cottontail:  Cottontail utilizes Luna Absorb in order to regenerate its energy levels.
  • Hare: Hare can use Hare Dagger, which allows it to draw an extra card if given the first turn during a round.
  •  Nut Cracker: Nut Cracker possesses Nut Throw, which will deal 120% damage if used in tandem with another Nut Cracker card.
  • Balloon: Balloon’s signature move is Balloon Pop – a powerful attack that causes Fear status on its target. This special move has the potential to cause fear and panic among enemies in battle.

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  • Cupid: Cupid utilizes his signature move Heart Break to weaken the resolve of any enemies caught in its area of effect for two rounds.
  • Raven: Raven employs Ill-Omened, a jinxing technique, to target an enemy with the lowest shield and impede their progress for two rounds.
  • Pigeon Post:Pigeon Post makes use of Blackmail to transfer all debuffs currently afflicting the user over to the enemy instead.
  • Tri Feather: Tri Feather can execute Triple Threat, allowing them to make two consecutive attacks if they bear any debuffs already.
  • Eggshell: Eggshell takes advantage of Eggbomb in order to apply a field-wide aroma effect lasting for one round.
  • Cuckoo: Cuckoo chirps out Cockadoodledoo, a technique that boosts their attack power considerably.
  • Kestrel: Kestrel is capable of unleashing Headshot that renders enemy Horn cards unusable in the next round.
  • Wing Horn: Wing Horn calls upon Smart Shot as a way to bypass the closest target if more than two foes remain after the initial wave of attacks.
  • Doubletalk: Doubletalk’s Soothing Song ignores the enemy’s defensive shield, causing them to fall asleep.
  • Swallow: Swallow can make use of Early Bird to get a 120% attack boost if it is the first to strike.
  • The Last One: The Last One utilizes Risky Feather to increase its attack power significantly.
  • Granma’s Fan: Granma’s Fan employs Cool Breeze which sends a chilling wind toward the enemy and hinders them for two rounds.
  • Post Fight:  Post Fight self-inflicts 30% of its own HP with All-Out Shot.
  • Garish Worm: Garish Worm uses Barb Strike in a chain combo that can poison the target if successful.
  • Buzz Buzz: Buzz Buzz emits Bug Noise which reduces the enemy’s attack power.
  • Scarab: Scarab casts Scarab Curse, making it so that the target cannot heal for two rounds.
  • Spiky Wing:  Spiky Wing unleashes Buzzing Wind which makes the foe fragile for one round.
  • Antenna: Antenna card utilizes Bug Signal to siphon energy from the target when combined with another Bug Signal card.
  • Caterpillars: Caterpillars make use of Grub Surprise to instill Fear in shielded foes.

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  • Parasite: Parasite card has a Third Glance to discard an opposing card.
  • Twin Tail: Twin Tail makes use of Twin Needle for an attack that can be doubled by using another card.
  • Gravel Ant: Gravel Ants wield Numbing Lecretion, temporarily disables enemy melee cards for one round.
  • Turnip: Turnip uses its Turnip Rocket ability to target bird enemies if two or more cards are employed together.
  • Watering Can:  Watering Cans draw energy through Aqua Stock when an Aquatic card strikes them.
  • Watermelon: Watermelons employ Seed Bullet to identify and target the fastest enemy on the field.
  • Yam: Yam employs Gas Unleash to fill the battlefield with a toxic brew, poisoning all enemies.
  • Tri Spikes: Tri Spikes launches Spike Throw to target the foe with the least Shield, particularly when used with two or more cards.
  • Green Thorns:  Green Thorns utilizes Vine Dagger to double any incoming Shield boosts if used alongside a plant card.
  • Croc:  Croc deploys Nile Strike to slow down enemies for two rounds of play.
  • Unko, Pinko Unko: Unko, Pinko Unko hurls Poo Fling to make enemies reek for one round by applying a stench effect.
  • Scaly Spoon: Scaly Spoon fires Tiny Catapult which deflects fifty percent of all ranged damage back at its attacker.
  • Iguana: Iguana flings Scale Dart (1 Energy) – 120 damage and 30 shield, which will grant energy for each attack against an already-buffed target.
  • Snake Jar:  Snake Jar uses Jar Barrage to protect from shield-breaking enemy assaults, stopping them from inflicting any further harm.
  • Gila: Gila unleashes Neurotoxin, which reduces damage done by poison-afflicted adversaries.
  • Grass Snake: Grass Snake utilizes Venom Spray to inflict harm on its target.

How to Use Axie Infinity Cards?

Axie Infinity Cards provide an easy and exciting way to fight monsters and beasts during battles. To use them, all you have to do is wait for your turn in the battle and then swipe up on a card you like the look of. This will expand the card and give you more information about its abilities. Once satisfied, tap it again and watch your chosen card come alive with extra attack strength or health benefits! Be careful, though – once tapped, watch it carefully as you might need to adjust your strategy depending on whether it provides a bonus or detrimental effect!

AXS are a critical part in Axie Infinity but how to earn them? Learn from our guide!

How to Change My Axie Cards?

Not sure how to equip your Axies with new cards? Don’t sweat it – changing the cards for the battle is simple and easy. Just make sure you’ve selected your four Axies for battle, and then hit the Change button above their card layout. You’ll be able to adjust each Axie’s cards to give yourself a tactical edge in combat. Keep in mind that, unlike Axies, Axie Infinity cards cannot be purchased from the marketplace – so if you want something new, your best bet is to rearrange what you have until you arrive at a combination that suits your playstyle.


All in all, Axie Infinity cards open up exciting opportunities. There is something for every kind of player, from the novice getting started on collecting to the expert looking to build increasingly powerful decks. With over 50 cards to choose from, anyone can create a custom deck that works for them. Whether you’re looking to mine resources or join intense battles, the sky’s the limit with what you can create with these cards. So pick one today – and see if it helps you become the ultimate winner!

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