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Since its debut one month ago, MIR4 has been a hot topic in media outlets worldwide. They are interested because it enables its members to produce Draco, trade it for real money, and keep the profits. There is a number of people who are interested in learning how lot make money in Mir4.

In this article, we’ll show you how to generate money by playing MIR4 and how to collect Darksteel and process Draco. If you’re curious about any of the information presented here, read on.

What is the MIR4?

The smartphone game Mir4 is a realistic representation of a battle between two armies. In this game, players take on the role of a blue or red army member, tasked with protecting their own flag while trying to steal the other team’s. Several weapons and vehicles are available, and the game has realistic visuals and music. To succeed, players must utilize strategy and collaboration in a lightning-fast and stressful environment.

One year has passed since the release of games like Mir4. In the past, the focus was purely on the gaming aspect. But cryptography is now a part of the gameplay. That’s why you’ll find it in systems where you can play games for money.

When stacked up against other crypto games, it stands out for its level of detail. Digging for cryptocurrency or just playing the game will get you DRACO. Earning money in the game is, therefore, achievable. Also, with the most recent improvements, you may make money trading on the NFT market.

What Makes MIR4 Special?

Some following factors make the MIR4 game valuable:

  • Using Unreal Engine 4, MIR4 can create realistic people and creatures in oriental-cinematic backgrounds, establishing the game’s central idea of players engaging in a 3D world.
  • The game supports up to five different playable character types. Depending on your preferences, each course may provide a wide range of abilities, styles, and looks.
  • The narrative missions, combat, mining, tomb exploration, and other Life Skill-related activities in MIR4 are engaging and realistic.
  • In addition to having a good time, gamers may earn real money by turning their favourite characters and in-game items into NFTs using DRACO tokens.

What Precisely is DRACO in MIR4?

In MIR4, the Draco token is used for specific purposes. Draco is there to assist you in getting the stuff you want for your game. Smelting Draco is the only way to get Draco in Mir4. For those who are unaware, it takes 100 thousand DS and extra Derby in the games to acquire one Draco. If more Darksteel is produced in Mir4, more will be required to smelt Draco.

  • Get MIR4 for your computer or mobile device.
  • When the installation is complete, you must advance to Level 10.
  • When you achieve level 40, the ability to mine Darksteel will become available.
  • After gaining access, you’ll need to earn 100,000 Darksteel by mining and questing.
  • Instead, you may go to Menu > Market > Draco from the game’s main menu.
  • Access your Wallet by signing in.
  • Transform Darksteel into Draco by smelting it.
  • You will be notified of the smelting’s completion.
  • Instead, you may use the Smelting system to convert or trade Draco for Darksteel.

What is the Importance of MIR4?

Throughout the globe, players have flocked to MIR4, an MMORPG with a global player base. The game’s rising popularity might be attributed to its challenges to players using strategy and teamwork to achieve victory. MIR4 must provide a compelling and exciting gaming performance to keep players interested and invested in the game.

Collaboration and community are significant parts of the gameplay in MIR4. Cooperative play is essential for clearing tasks, taking down bosses, and accessing new locations. As a result, gamers are more likely to talk to one another and create connections beyond the game itself.

Moreover, MIR4 gaming requires strategic planning for optimal performance. This entails balancing needs with available means, picking appropriate tools and abilities, and working with other players.

How to Mine Darksteel in MIR4?

You may earn whatever you need through mining or by completing missions. More Darksteel may be mined at Mir4 for additional mining. The most excellent part of this game is that you can set it to automatically mine whenever you want by switching to the ‘Auto’ mode. After successfully activating the “Auto” setting, MIR4’s AI will handle all of the Darksteel farming without you lifting a finger.

How to Easily Get Money Playing MIR4?

Although progressing through levels in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) might be frustrating, buyers can benefit from a few strategies designed to simplify the process. MIR4 is a top-tier massively multiplayer online game, so players can expect a big new globe to explore and a challenging array of foes to face.

It’s no surprise that the game’s fanbase is still going strong, given the excellent narrative and gameplay features it provides. However, not everyone can take in MIR4’s qualities due to limitations. MIR4 is not for everyone, what with its complicated design and high skill cap. Consequently, some players would want a significant advantage from the game’s outset.

Several customers have turned to MIR4 power levelling services to speed up the process or hired more seasoned players as guides. They get compensated for their time and effort with more than just a few cents. This is often done to benefit the buyers, such as by increasing the sellers’ party level or farming things and weapons on their behalf.

In the end, there are several approaches, but it is ultimately up to the seller to carry out their responsibilities successfully. To help them out, we’ve compiled a few pointers for increasing the effectiveness of their MIR4 accounts.

About the Gameplay of MIR4

After a brief overview of MIR4’s idea and production studio, the player can dive headfirst into the game’s mysterious gameplay. Let’s read on about gameplay.

Currently Supported Languages

Players from over 170 countries and regions may enjoy MIR4 due to its availability in 12 languages. Languages like English, Japanese, Ancient Chinese, Modern Chinese and Thai are all on the list.

With the in-game chat translation tool, users of many languages may communicate and have fun together.


Classes There are some numbers of classes include:


A mighty warrior that treats their giant axe like a closest friend and employs DPS melee skills to defeat their enemies. We highly recommend playing as a warrior if you’re just getting started in MIR4.


An enchanter who casts wide-area, lethal spells (AoE). Despite its powerful magical attacks, the sorcerer can’t stand alone and needs help from those around it. Having a Sorcerer in your party increases your odds of winning a battle by a factor of two, or MIR4 when playing with friends.


A selfless seeker who puts the group above themselves. Because of their proficiency in melee combat, magical attacks, and the capability to aid their teammates in recovery, Taoists are the most valuable allies in MIR4.


In MIR4, a new kind of assassin combines elements from other classes. Lancers have the basest damage and functional support abilities, making them the optimal melee class. While Warrior requires more in-depth game expertise to construct, Lancer is weaker in combat.


MIR 4’s new archery/ranged DPS class. Arbalists are well-known for their debuff abilities, which they use to delay their opponents and exploit their weaknesses to eliminate them. The class’s most powerful skill is the Ice Cage, which they use to snare their opponents in a barrier of ice and prevent them from attacking.


Spirit, a summonable creature available in MIR4, may be used to help players stay strong throughout their adventure. Those willing to persevere against powerful foes will find it much more manageable.

Furthermore, Spirit is classified into many tiers according to its rarity. Choose “Spirit” from the main menu to see a list of your spirits, their attributes and Spirit Stones. You may bring as many as five spirits into battle with you, although your current level and accomplishments determine this number.

The enhanced spiritual abilities gained via the usage of a treasure may be put to good use in battle. But, once a resource has been used to appease a spirit, it’s unable to be returned for a different one, and any new treasure will render the previous one null and invalid.

A Necessary Life Skill

Life Skill development is an integral part of your MIR4 experience. Farming and mining are two ways to get materials, with Darksteel standing out as the unique resource that may be sold for actual money.

Take What You Want for Free

The Free Loot function in MIR4 is designed to make you feel more successful. It will drop a chest of riches as a reward for defeating a monster. Anybody presents during the battle has a right to the chest, independent of the possibility that they took part in it. The team only has thirty seconds to crack the chest, so they must be as careful as possible.


Get to know Darksteel if you want to know how to make money in MIR4. Those who play MIR4 are always looking for Darksteel, a dark metal that may be traded in for DRACO tokens. To go mining in the dungeon, you must be level 40 or above. It is possible to mine Darksteel in many places, but the greatest are Bicheon Valley and Snake Pit Valley.


To utilise the NFT trading tool, you must first connect your MIR4 account to your wallet. Coin minting in XDRACO may produce two types of collectibles for sale: Epic (red) and Legendary (yellow).

In addition to weapons, players may sell NFTs of their character mints. Nevertheless, the newly created character has to be level 60 or above and have made at least 100,000 points of damage to qualify. When the NFT character is minted, it may still be used in games until it’s sealed and ready for sale.

How Can Earn Cryptos Be Withdrawn?

It would help if you started by logging into any wallet’s website. The wallet here is helpful as you can deposit your earnings directly into cryptocurrency and complete your withdrawal. The cryptocurrency you dump here may be sent to your wallet or the central exchange.

  • After downloading the wallet on your phone, you must link it to the game.
  • After loading up the game, the first thing to do is hit the plus symbol, as seen in the figure below. And then a slew of options pop up.
  • The ‘DRACO’ market may be accessed by selecting the ‘Market’ tab.
  • Choose “Touch the Restart button to check Wallet” from the left-hand menu. As well as the connection to the wallet. When you’re ready to dissolve, hit the connect button.
  • After the desired sum has been entered, the ‘input complete’ button will be clicked to confirm the entry. The next thing you see is the confirmation prompt.
  • Here’s where you may ask for the game’s login email. The confirmation page will next prompt you to enter the password for your wallet address. After you’ve entered the correct password for the wallet address, you confirm it by clicking the “OK” button.
  • The cryptocurrency funds will then be available in your wallet. After you transition to the wallet, your crypto funds are instantly convertible on any exchange.


Ultimately, Mir4 is an entertaining NFT game that lets players make real money by playing and selling virtual goods. Incredible visuals, an intriguing plot, and thrilling gameplay ensure that this game will remain in players’ memories for a long time. Players may acquire money in Mir4 via various means, including the sale and purchase of NFTs, participation in major tournaments, and completing tasks.

Mir4 is also poised to become one of the most renowned titles in the blockchain gaming genre as interest in the subgenre continues to rise. Because of its fresh take on play-to-earn and welcoming user base, Mir4 is an excellent option for gamers looking for a place to earn some extra cash while having a good time.

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