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When making purchases using cryptocurrency, there are many considerations to consider, such as the location and the protocol. Using the distributed ledger technology, members of the Guild of Guardians NFT Game may acquire, trade, and fight over non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The game takes place in a fantastical universe populated by the Guild of Guardians, and players assume the roles of its high-ranking members, fighting off threats to the land with the help of their NFTs.

Furthermore, the game provides players with a rich and engaging gaming experience by combining features of role-playing games, collecting card games, and trading card tournaments. In this article, we’ll examine the Guild of Guardians NFT Game’s features, gameplay, and NFTs and its influence on the blockchain gaming industry.

About Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is an online role-playing game where players may create their teams of heroes to explore dungeons and get a treasure. The collected materials may be used to create unique in-game objects and characters. And then you may recover some of your investment by selling them. Although the P2E idea is straightforward, there are specific approaches that significantly increase earnings.

Currently, the Guild of Guardians is in a private pre-alpha testing phase. The game is free-to-play. However, foundational NFTs like Heroes, Guilds, and Pets may be purchased in a secondary market.

These founding NFTs, and notably the Founding Heroes, are composed of strong heroes that range from legendary to amazing to uncommon. A simple possession of one of these will provide you a significant advantage in fights against opponents using more common heroes.

Stages of Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians describes a three-stage process for the partnership’s implementation:

  • The first will include the introduction of sponsored unlockable characters into the world of the Guild of Guardians. Players will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive access to such avatars, or they will be given away as incentives.
  • In the game’s second stage, branding groups compete for prizes, and there are leaderboards for the top 8 groups.
  • The third stage, which may be broadly interpreted to refer to new material or game modes, is intended to encourage social collaboration and competitiveness by linking the gaming communities to tournament-like structures.

How Does Guild of Guardians Work?

guild of guardians - Guild Of Guardians NFT - A Guide

Since the whole point of this game is to encourage people to work together in a cooperative environment, guilds are crucial. If you want to go far in the game, get the most out of it, and get the most prizes, you need to join a Guild. Guild members get access to special game modes that include more challenging opponents and more valuable prizes.

There are four attainable levels of guilds:

1) Adventurers’ Guild

With 20 companions, the guild master is entitled to 1% of all earnings.

2) Warriors’ Guild

Whenever a guild of 30 people makes a purchase, the guild head will get a 2.5% portion.

3) Legends Guild

In a group of 40 people, the guild leader gets 5% of all profits.

4) Mythic Guild

If there are 50 people in a guild, the leader will get 10%.

Guilds were available for purchase by aspiring guild leaders for anything from $200 up to $100,000 before the game’s release. However, the website reports that they are sold out, suggesting that joining a guild might be difficult.

Who Created the Guild of Guardians?

gog creators

Guild of Guardians was developed by Immutable X. This solution to Ethereum’s scalability issues at layer 2 sets the stage for a gas-free NFT economy. Immutable X is a trading platform where users may exchange their NFTs and provides superior scalability options for blockchain gaming. In addition, the Ukrainian business Stepico Games is collaborating with a team of over 50 elite engineers and designers.

As stated in the project’s whitepaper, GOG has a team of about 20 people, all of whom have experience making video games. Furthermore, the Guild of Guardians initiative has worked with many major industrial companies. The Blockchain Game Association, Ubisoft, Sandbox, and the Yield Guild are among them.

Highlights of Guild of Guardians

Following are some highlights of the guild of guardian NFT game:

  • Influenced by the popular smartphone booster pack games like Diablo, Guild of Guardians (GOG) is a competitive, fictional, F2P mobile RPG that operates on the lightning-fast ImmutableX platform.
  • Using the Unity game engine, GOG lets users transform their gaming skills into real-world assets by assembling a dynamic duo of “Guardians” and battling in a guild for amazing prizes.
  • Upon launch in the second half of 2022, Guild of Guardians will be compatible with Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems. No money outlay will be required to advance in the game at launch since just the PvE mode will be active.
  • Clearing dungeons and acquiring treasure is a key part of completing missions and gaining access to new areas in the game.
  • In-game money, known as Gems, is created and redistributed by Guardians Guild Ltd and is the foundation of the game’s economy. Gems are the in-game currency used to mint new assets into the blockchain, buy from the game’s main and secondary markets, and cast votes on game-changing events. Players may earn Gems just by playing the game, which must be spent while doing any of these things.
  • With over 123 thousand Twitter followers and over 101 thousand registered users on Discord, Guild of Guardians has established a strong community.
  • GOG was created by Stepico Games and released by Immutable. With over 80 employees, including designers, illustrators, and programmers, Stepico Games is the premier Ukrainian gaming production. The company’s mobile strategy and role-playing games have been downloaded over 5 million times.
  • Immutable is a top blockchain startup in the sector that is sponsored by venture capital and has also released Gods Unchained. When you put Stepico Games and Immutable together, you have a fantastic team that can produce a brilliant game for the public.
  • The pre-alpha version of GOG was made available for download in late March, and it includes a leaderboard. The alpha is currently only available in single-player and operates decentralized. Regardless of the absence of the intended play-to-earn mechanisms, players may still win prizes in this early build. Positive comments about the pre-solid alpha’s visuals, fluid gameplay, and well-designed user interface have been made.
  • In June of 2021, GOG made $4.6 million from selling the first NFT Founder set, funding the game’s development further. The game has also partnered with major companies invested in Guild of Guardians’ future growth, including Ubisoft, Sandbox, and Yield Guild.
  • More than 800,000 people registered for the GOG native public offering in December 2021, and the sale raised $5.31 million. More than 10.7 thousand new registered users invested a maximum of $500 each during this token sale. The coin has now been listed on many major exchanges. There are now over 400,000 people signed up for the global opening of GOG in 2022.

Do You Want to Invest Your Money in the Guild of Guardians?

Players in the Guild of Guardians are not required to pay anything to start playing the game since it is a “free-to-play” mobile role-playing video game. The game’s creators want it to be a work-for-play experience where players advance via their contributions and guild mates’ contributions. The whole gameplay is constructed so that players do not need to make initial purchases to move forward through the game.

Instead of simply being a typical pay-to-win mobile RPG, the designers want the tournament’s focus on strategy and talent. The team assures us that investing in Guild of Guardians won’t force us to raise prices for anybody else. The game has no multiplayer modes of any kind. Those eager to invest cash in the game may purchase founder heroes before its release.

Gameplay of Guild of Guardians

The game’s difficulty makes the tactics of a Guardian squad just as important as their abilities. The Guardians’ dynamic arises from the complementary skillsets of the various members of the team. Every Guardian belongs to a certain group and has a specific class, and a specific elemental property, all of which combine to form the team’s overall strength. For example, a squad composed entirely of Hordes would get a bump to their base attack rate, while an army of fire creatures might increase their chances of doing harm gradually over time. Like other RPGs, Guardians may play roles like a tank, healer, damage dealer, and support in this game.

Players in the Guild of Guardians undertake dungeon crawls to fulfill various objectives and tests. Each dungeon has its own set of challenges, including its own set of traps, enemies, and bosses. In the dungeons, players may find materials, cash, and equipment that they can use to hire and train more Guardians and create new tools. Let’s go in with some points and see what we find:

· Heroes

In Dungeons, gamers take special characters called “Heroes” to fight monsters and get loot. Heroes will also play a role in game modes such as interactive games and those based on guilds.

Guild of Guardians will have a group of heroes that can’t be bought or sold and can only be “combined.” These non-transferable common heroes are given to players at no cost at the beginning of the game.

As they progress through the Dungeons, players will be rewarded with additional heroes with comparable abilities, and they will also be able to combine numerous heroes into a single rarer trading hero. You may also get heroes through Summoning by buying a summon or earning summoning shards through regular gameplay.

Additionally, players may acquire heroes in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Heroes are no longer available but may be bought and sold on the secondary markets of ImmutableX and TokenTrove. At this moment, a GOG hero may be purchased for as little as 0.004 ETH. GOG Heroes has generated a total of 2.8k ETH in sales, and there are now 11.5k owners.

· Guildsguilds

Guilds are a great way for players to team up and take on the game’s most challenging (and rewarding) activities and make and sell unique things in the game’s economy. The Adventurers’ Guild has 20 members, the Warriors’ Guild has 30, the Legends’ Guild has 40, and the Mythic Guild has 50. Each level guarantees a different proportion of the original production run for every sale of a guild-made item.

As a member of a guild, you may participate in exclusive content. Players may showcase their greatest characters, take on the most difficult foes, and receive a one-of-a-kind, hard-to-come-by goodies in these game modes. For ‘leaderboard awards,’ Guilds will compete with one another. These are meant to encourage the most tournament people and are thus likely to be reset each season.

· Pets & Energy Boosters

Pets are animals that players may attach to their teams to get advantages in battle. These advantages range from higher odds of obtaining crafting materials and items to more loot from dungeons.

Although pets are available during the pre-sale, users can buy and sell them once the game becomes live. Currently, the price of a pet is 0.005 ether. Over 6,000 people have bought one of these creatures, bringing the total to 756 ETH.

There are 3 separate categories of pets, each with its unique traits:

  1. Workers:Automatic creation of materials for making things
  2. Scouts:Raise the probability of finding useful items in dungeons.
  3. Hunters:Enhance the prizes for completing dungeons.

Guild of Guardians has a regenerating energy system drained each time a player visits a dungeon and refills over time. If heroes undertake too several dungeons in a single day, they will experience “fatigue,” which could result in penalties like reduced stats or the need for an energy booster.

By increasing one’s stamina, gamers may keep their favorite heroes in action for longer without reducing their Hero Stats due to Fatigue.

· Equipment

It’s possible to make or find a wide variety of weapons, helmets, jewelry, and boots. Heroes that equip certain pieces of gear get special benefits to their base statistics. Some sets of equipment, when worn together, might provide extra bonuses.

· Squad Composition

gog equipment

In solo play, a player may command a team of heroes, while in Guilds, players work together to complete cooperative tasks. To advance, solo players will command a group of four heroes. In battle, players will dispatch many heroes into a dungeon, each of which they will take control of individually (the remainder will be AI controlled).

Furthermore, Players may form a Guild to take on a single boss in cooperative raids. The best rewards will be gained by killing the most powerful bosses. To be successful, Guild Raids need close coordination between members of the raiding group.

· Combat

The intelligent targeting mechanism allows the heroes to swiftly acquire fresh targets and assault nearby foes. Increases the intensity and responsiveness of fighting with the Active Dodge feature. Even the weakest of enemies will seem threatening when using basic attacks or combinations.

Each hero also has a reserve of energy or power that they may tap into to unleash their ultimate ability, which is why they can launch such devastating attacks. They may wipe out a whole area, inflicting huge damage on a single target, heal, weaken opponents, or otherwise strengthen the player’s group.

What Exactly is a Guild of Guardians Token?

The Guild of Guardians Gemstone (GOG) is the in-game utility token that may be used in various ways.

  • To purchase virtual items in a game
  • Incentives for those who play
  • It’s a kind of digital currency used for governing
  • Used as a feedstock in the production of NFTs

The GOG gathered from the in-game minting costs of NFTs is placed into the rewards stream. Active incentives may be earned by staking GOG tokens held by token holders. In its capacity as a governing token, GOG enables token holders to vote on matters like developer funding, token supply adjustments, and other aspects of the platform.

How to Buy Guild of Guardians Tokens?

On November 10, 2021, the Coinlist platform had a sale of GOG tokens that was quickly exhausted. In the near future, the token will be offered on several exchanges, enabling more people to market the token.

Sushiswap, OKEx, and FTX let you trade other cryptocurrencies for GOG. You may acquire ether (ETH) or any other cryptocurrency you need for your swap from big exchanges like Binance or Currently, GOG will not be listed on any US-based digital marketplaces.

You can still buy things from GOG using a decentralized exchange (DEX) instead of the traditional website. Web-based decentralized exchanges, powered by a blockchain platform like Ethereum, enable the private, peer-to-peer trading of any asset between users.

How Exactly Does the Guild of Guardians’ Play-to-Earn System Function?

There are a variety of activities inside the game that may result in the collection of prizes, such as the creation of guilds, the combination of heroes, the successful completion of daily tasks, and the emergence of the leaderboard.

· Buying and Selling Different Things

Guilds are responsible for the creation of the products that are sold in marketplaces. The revenues from selling a guild-made item are split among all the players who helped make it.

· Bringing Together Heroes to Sell Them

The merger might be beneficial if two heroes of different rarities can combine to become rarer heroes.

· Playing Regularly

In addition to completing daily tasks and other in-game activities, players can acquire GOG tokens, which can later be traded for real-world currency on various markets and exchanges.

Learn more about the different play-to-earn NFT games!

Additional Methods to Play and Earn in the Game Guild of Guardians

If you’re playing for free, you may combine heroes of similar rarity to get ones of a higher stage. Remember that only heroes of the erratic rarity or above may be traded. This system ensures that free-to-play users will always have the opportunity to get powerful heroes without spending any of their own money.

Finally, you may also get rewards by advancing through the game and completing daily missions. After finishing the mission, you will have the opportunity to receive some Guild of Guardians gem tokens ($GOG). To further encourage healthy competition amongst guilds, “leaderboard rewards” will be awarded to the top-performing groups when the future changes go live. This is expected to occur at regular intervals throughout the year.

What are NFTs in the Guild of Guardians?

ERC-721 tokens, built for the Ethereum network, are the format in which NFTs are issued. The game uses Immutable X, a second-layer technology that addresses process efficiency and costs.

In Guild of Guardians, you may spend real money on a wide variety of non-game-related items, such as hero summoning, pets, energy boosters, guild manufacturing tools, and more. You may buy hero summons in sets of different rarity and quality, such as uncommon, epic, and legendary.

Uncommon heroes, epic, and legendary may be purchased in markets. Remember that certain heroes may be improved upon by merging with others. Your hero’s potential, particularly in dungeons, increases with the help of NFT pets or energy boosters. In addition to purchasing an energy boost token, you may also purchase a pet summons item that allows you to raise a pet of any rarity (from ordinary to legendary) in a marketplace.

How to Buy NFT Items in Guild of Guardians?

The primary NFTs are saviors. When you buy a product but aren’t ready to use it, it goes into a “pre-sale” phase. During their release window, you may get them via the website. You need to follow the project’s official social networks to take advantage of the chance to get a special hero. Also, the Immutable X website is where you may buy and sell NFTs.

Closing Remarks

To summarize, the Guild of Guardians NFT Game is a groundbreaking blockchain-based game that provides an exceptional and engaging gaming experience. In addition to the fun of collecting, trading, and fighting with one-of-a-kind NFTs, the game’s fantastical setting in the universe of the Guild of Guardians is a major draw.

Because NFTs enable genuine control and rarity of in-game assets, the game is also an example of their potential in the gaming industry. If you like fantasy, blockchain technology, and games, you must check out the Guild of Guardians NFT Game. It’s the ideal combination of the three, and it’ll keep players occupied for a long time.

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