How To Buy Lucky Block NFT


How To Buy Lucky Block NFT

Lucky Block is a game-changing crypto and NFT competition platform that has emerged recently. By holding the LBLOCK token, some investors have gotten profits from the prizes it gives and capital gains. The popularity of Lucky Block tokens prompted the development of the Platinum Rollers Club Lucky Block NFT collection.

On March 2022, a group of 10,000 distinct NFTs was released. it is already acquiring tremendous popularity among NFT collectors and crypto traders. In this blog you will get to what is lucky block and how to buy lucky block NFT?

What is Lucky BLOCK (LBLOCK)?

Lucky BLOCK is used to purchase lottery tickets on the Lucky Block platform. The Lucky Block token is also used to pay out competition rewards. All LBLOCK token holders earn a proportional share of the jackpot before the winners of each competition are announced. This assures that all players come out on top. As the Lucky Block platform grows, so will the incentives LBLOCK holders enjoy.

It’s worth noting that fairness has been built into the platform’s design. The technology detects bots and whales and guarantees they do not abuse the platform’s features. LBLOCK may be traded on PancakeSwap, a prominent decentralised exchange (DEX).

What is a Lucky Block NFT?

Lucky Block is a blockchain-based decentralized coin used to play online lottery games. The Lucky Block platform is seen as a game changer because all participants have the same odds of winning.  The initiative aims to increase fairness and transparency in the lotto draw process by leveraging new technologies developed on the Binance Smart Chain. The crypto markets have reacted warmly to this unique concept.

What is a Lucky Block Coin?

The platform’s native cryptocurrency is the lucky block (LBLOCK) token, used as a payment method in the Lucky Blocks ecosystem. If a person chooses not to enter the lottery, their tokens stay in their wallet, and they receive the Daily Jackpot dividend payment that all lucky block token holders receive. The platform’s internal random number generator (RNG) selects jackpot winners.

One lucky winner will receive 70% of the jackpot. The remaining 10% will be donated to a charity, 10% will be used to promote the Lucky Block platform, and 10% will be dispersed among LBLOCK token holders in proportion to their investment size. Early adopters could buy 32.5 billion tokens, which sold out in 49 days.

What are the Features of the Lucky Block?

Here are some very important features you need to know about lucky block.

●      A Good Investment

Lucky Block’s innovative idea of decentralizing the lottery system is gaining media attention and investors. However, because the LBLOCK coin and platform are still in their infancy, it is impossible to pass judgement.

●      Easy to Earn Through LBlock

First and foremost, every LBLOCK transaction contributes 4% to the lottery fund. Token holders can choose whether or not to participate in the daily jackpot by locking in their tokens. This jackpot combines the lottery fund plus the total of the LBLOCK that has been locked in.

●      An Way of Passive Income

Regular payments will be made to LBLOCK holders who keep their tokens in a crypto wallet linked to the Lucky Block app. Surprisingly, the size of these rewards is directly proportional to the number of lottery participants.

This means that LBLOCK holders will earn more passive revenue when the Lucky Block platform grows. Furthermore, according to a recent press release from Lucky Block, token holders might receive a dividend of roughly 19.2% p.a. on their tokens, which is significantly greater than standard savings accounts.

●      A Global Marketing Effort

Knowing who is behind Lucky Block benefits many investors apprehensive about where they put their money. Advertising can do wonders for almost any cryptocurrency, bringing greater attention to the project and thus boosting the likelihood of individuals investing in it.

This is one of the primary reasons Lucky Block intends to launch an effective marketing campaign. While they have already begun advertising on public transit in the United Kingdom, they intend to go much further and expand their marketing effort globally.

Consider this a potential benefit for yourself. As the producers invest more in advertising in the future, more people will flock to the game, which is ideal if you already have some money to play with.

●      Lucky Block APP

The Lucky Block crypto software app serves as a center for Lucky Block players, allowing them to buy tournament tickets and receive dividend payments. Lucky Block’s app is accessible for Android, but there is also a dedicated website platform if users prefer that route.

Before the first lottery draw, users may become acquainted with the app’s UI and purchase $5 lotto tickets. The Lucky Block app will also keep track of current jackpot sums and provide real-time updates on the dividend yield you are eligible for.

●      Challenges

Lucky Block announces exciting new competitions related to NFT collections regularly, allowing consumers to participate in contests by purchasing the corresponding-themed NFTs. Token holders receive a part of each transaction fee for the duration of their token ownership.

How to Buy a Lucky Block NFT?

The crypto subsector has risen significantly in the last year, making it difficult to determine which NFTs are worth investing in. This guide discusses NFTs, their work, and which ones to buy now.

Step 1: Use A Wallet

  • You required a wallet to buy lucky block NFT.
  • To complete the registration process, go to the official MetaMask website and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • MetaMask defaults to the ETH leading network; therefore, you must explicitly switch to Binance Smart Chain. To begin, navigate to ‘Wallet’ and look for the Binance Smart Chain Network in the list of networks.
  • If you can’t find it, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Network’ > ‘Add Network’. Next, enter the following information:

Step 2:  Binance Smart Chain

  • As Lucky Block NFT is minted on the Binance Smart Chain, you must first purchase wBNB (Wrapped BNB).
  •  Before purchasing the NFT. BnB can be exchanged for almost any cryptocurrency.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet to NFT

  • The process takes less than a minute, and you can purchase any NFT in the deal.
  • Before completing the process you really need to have a wallet where you can send your money to transact.
  •  When you click the “Explore” button, the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers NFT collection will appear in the offer.

Remember that the collection is still in its early stages, so you can see NFT images once the transaction is finished.

Why to Invest in Lucky Block NFTs?

Ownership of NFTs on Lucky Block entitles investors to access Platinum Rollers Club NFTs. LBLOCK has demonstrated its ability to give investors enormous profits quickly. It usually occurs after the coin is listed on a significant exchange.

New postings enhance exposure and demand for LBLOCK. Aside from PancakeSwap, Lucky Block has been listed on LBank, Uniswap, MEXC, and, the most recent of which was September 1, 2022. Lucky Block CEO Scott Ryder released various project updates.

What are the Benefits of a Lucky Block?

Here are the benefits of a lucky block you will get.

●      NFT Lucky Draw Daily

Aside from the regular competitions that users may enter by purchasing the necessary NFTs, Lucky Block also includes a daily NFT Lottery Draw that is only open to Platinum Rollers Club NFT holders from the platform’s inaugural NFT collection. Holders receive a daily prize pool of $10,000 and free automatic entries to all Platinum Competitions presented each week.

●      NFTs That Are Uncommon

There have been 10,000 Platinum Rollers Club NFTs made, with 25 of them being uncommon NFTs. Because the collection has not yet sold out, you still have the opportunity to acquire and mint a unique NFT. It should be noted that buyers cannot learn about the rarity of an NFT until they have purchased one. Those who own a rare token will win double the jackpot payout as well as additional benefits.

●    Win Special Prizes

Some contests include unique prizes in addition to the daily lottery. For example, after the complete Lucky Block BTC1M NFT collection is sold out, a $1 million BTC drawing will be placed. Other unique rewards have included a $1 million home.

The Bottom Line

If you’re wondering where to buy Lucky Block today, you may do so at LBank. Investors can trade the new LBLOCK/USDT trading pair with no transactional tax, making it simple and inexpensive to obtain exposure to the price swings of Lucky Block. When the coin was listed on one exchange, it saw a big bull run, and more listings were coming.

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