How to Buy Metawars – A Comprehensive Guide


MetaWars is a sci-fi strategy and role-playing game powered by Binance Smart Chain. Users can get huge fortunes in the MetaWars. MetaWars also includes PlanetFi, a wager-earning platform that allows Planet NFT owners and players to earn various rewards. MetaWars is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges, but unlike other major cryptocurrencies, it can’t be purchased directly with fiat currency. There’s a workaround to this, which allows you to buy USDT first from a fiat-to-crypto exchange which can then later be converted to an exchange that can be traded on this coin. So, allow us to guide you on how to buy MetaWars.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to buying MetaWars:

Step 1: Signing up for a Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

Buying one of the main cryptocurrencies is the first step. In this circumstance, it is USDT. In this article we will discuss the most popular fiat-to-crypto exchanges; Uphold and Coinbase are two of the most famous in this category. They both are backed by certain features that are unique to them and contain their policies, which we will discuss in detail. It is better to be educated about both and then see which one suits you better.


Uphold brings a lot of benefits for its users, the following are just some of the benefits you will get by signing up with Uphold.

  • Trade with over 50+ numerous assets
  • The platform holds more than 7 million users.
  • The UpHold debit card works just like a regular debit card and the signing up process for it is identical.
  • The platform offers a mobile app to bring convenience to its users in withdrawing funds and for different altcoin exchanges.
  • No secret fees is charged to the users

USDT is one of the more famous USD-backed stablecoins, the coin carries less volatility and functions like its related fiat currency, it is more practical for altcoins. The altcoin we want to buy contains only USDT trading pairs on the altcoin exchange. This is beneficial for us as we won’t have to go through another currency conversion.

Following are the steps to register on UpHold

Enter your email address and click next, the platform will validate your identity so, use your real name. Choose a strong password and voila! that’s it.

The platform will send a confirmation email. Click on the link it encompasses. Nowadays, all websites that value your security ask you to provide a phone number to set up two-factor authentication. This improves the security of your account and we highly recommend keeping this feature enabled.

Follow the steps below to complete your identity confirmation. The good thing about this platform is that it is regulated in countries like the US, UK, and EU. It is a trusted platform by many to purchase cryptocurrency. is Fortunately, the entire Know Your Customer process is fully automated and can be done in 15 minutes. It doesn’t take longer than that.


Coinbase is a trading platform where you can purchase, trade, and store digital currencies. It is quite an easy platform to operate. The platform allows its users to view their account balance and a watchlist that keeps track of the prices of different types of cryptocurrencies. Another benefit it offers is that which cryptocurrencies are trending can be viewed by the users. Traders can now earn rewards with the Coinbase card when they spend their assets.

The platform charges a fee for trading, Coinbase, and Coinbase Pro contain a different schedule of fees. Coinbase charges two different kinds of fees, about 0.50% when you buy or sell crypto, and a platform fee, which is a flat fee and is dependent on factors like location and the type of payment method being utilized. The transaction amount determines the flat fee.

If you are a holder of cryptocurrency, you don’t have to worry, the platform doesn’t charge anything when traders hold their assets. Also, no fees is charged when you transfer your digital assets from one wallet to another within the platform’s network.

Opening an account on Coinbase

There are just a few steps that you will need to follow to open an account on Coinbase

  • A government-issued photo ID is required
  • Phone number and the last four digits of social security number are needed
  • Just answer a few questions regarding what you’ll use the platform for
  • Now just choose a unique password
  • A payment method will be required for your account, the platform accepts a bank account, debit card, wire transfer, and even PayPal so long as you belong to the US.

After the above steps have been performed, now you can begin trading.

Step 2: Purchasing USDT with fiat money

When asked for a payment method on Uphold or Coinbase, you can choose a debit/credit card or bank transfer. Keep in mind, higher fees might be charged when the payment method is a credit card and the unstable prices will differ via cards but an instant purchase will be made. In some countries, you might be able to make an instant cash deposit with low fees via bank transfer.

Step 3: Moving USDT to an Altcoin exchange

As we mentioned above that for it to be traded we will need to move our USDT to an altcoin exchange. We will guide you on how to use HotBit for exchange. It is an extremely famous platform that deals in altcoins and the platform contains a number of altcoins pairs.


This cryptocurrency exchange platform has shined everywhere. The platform covers more than 200 countries and areas, it focuses on growing markets and, it has entered Southeastern Asia markets. You will need to go through a process of 2FA after signing up on the platform, this will provide more safety to your account.

Step 4: USDT to exchange

 Another know your customer process might hinder your day of trading, but don’t worry, the process is straightforward and quite easy to keep up with. You will gain complete access to your wallet once the process is completed.

The process of making a crypto deposit is easier than making a bank transfer, you need to copy your “USDT address” funds can be transferred to your account with this special address. We need to transfer the USDT we have bought to this wallet, click on ‘Copy Address’.

Go back to UpHold or Coinbase, switch over to the transaction screen, and select USDT, in the ‘from’ field, pick the figure you want to send and pick USDT under the ‘Crypto Networks’ in the field.

Now it is time for you to paste your wallet address. For safety purposes, make sure that the addresses match. Sometimes, computer malware changes the contents of your clipboard to another wallet address, sending the money to someone else.

After you have reviewed everything, click on ‘confirm’ to continue and you will get a confirmation email shortly. Click on the link it encompasses and the coins will be deposited to HotBit.

The blockchain network takes some time to approve the transaction and it will take some time before you see your deposit in the HotBit exchange wallet. But don’t worry you’ll receive a confirmation notification as soon as your USDT arrives. Now you are ready to purchase WARS.

Step 5: Trade WARS

hot bit

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In the right column, you will find a search bar, since you are trading USDT to altcoin pair, make sure USDT is selected. Select it and type in ‘WARS’ and WARS/USDT will be displayed. Selecting this duo will show the WARS/USDT price chart in the middle of the page.

You will find a green button in a box that displays ‘Buy WARS’, inside the box, select the ‘Market’ tab this is the simplest type of buying order. You can enter the amount you want or click the percentage button to select the portion of the deposit that will be used for the purchase. Quickly review everything and then confirm, click on “Buy WARS” and that’s it.

Step 6: Store WARS in a hardware device

If you are considering holding your share of WARS for some time, it is best to keep it safe. Despite, the security that these platforms offer there have been several incidents where funds were lost due to hacking. These wallets in exchanges are on the internet and there is always some chance that they might get hacked. The safest way of storing these coins is a hardware wallet. They are USB-enabled devices that you can keep on person, they store the key information of your wallet. They provide the best level of security. Granted they are a little heavy on the pocket, but they can prove to be a great investment in the long term.

In short

If you have read the complete guide on, ‘how to buy WARS’ you will not find much difficulty as long as you follow all the steps. The steps are simple and easy. Apart from storing WARS on a hardware wallet, you might also consider using a VPN when trading, this will make it harder for hackers to find your location and intercept your sensitive information. You need to protect your digital assets. Remember, in this digital age, keeping your information secure is the most important thing.

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