How to Earn AXS in Axie Infinity – A guide


A new phenomenon for gamers is play-to-earn games. Axie infinity is at the center of this new era where you are paid in crypto for playing. It’s a blockchain game that showcases gameplay similar to Pokemon. The platform has a token called AXS, it is used for breeding new pets, staking, and governance rights. The game gained popularity due to its engaging play mechanics, and funny characters. It’s a strategic play-to-earn game that is based on the Ethereum network. So, how to earn AXS in Axie Infinity? Well, keep on reading to find out.

Axie Infinity:


Axie Infinity is an NFT-based game inspired by the Pokemon gaming universe, allowing you to earn money by playing the game. It runs on AXS tokens, which are Axie infinity shards, and SLP tokens which stand for Smooth Love Potion. The game consists of more than 90k land plots, Axies, the digital animals found in the game can be gathered, bred, and battled. These creatures can use the land as a home and can exchange these land plots, which are backed by NFTs. 

The idea behind the game was to bestow players with an open virtual universe whose currency they own and control. The concept is definitely working, it’s one of the few games that reward players in cryptocurrency. 

Cute Little Creatures – Axies:


The platform permits you to possess Axies, breed them and utilize them to fight with other players and sell them for in-game tokens. One of the ways to earn in the game is by breeding Axies. Breeding has become very popular lately, you start the game off by buying 3 Axies, but you need to make sure that you buy Axies that other people will be interested in. 

Essentially, you breed two of those Axies that you initially picked, and their offspring can later on mate with the third Axie to produce another offspring and like that you can build your portfolio of Axies. Keep in mind that each Axie can be bred up to seven times. Later on, you can sell them before a certain breed level, so, they don’t devaluate that much. 


As you can see the marketplace is vast, and on daily basis, so many Axis are bought and sold, the Axies you breed can go for huge amounts of money and you can make a profit by investing your time in the game. 

Each Axie carries certain characteristics that dictate how it’ll manage against others during combat. These Axies contain four attributes: health, morale, skill, and speed. These are dependent on the type of body parts your creature has. There are certain restrictions to breeding, Axies belonging to the same family can’t breed. SLP tokens can be earned by winning fights and AXS tokens are utilized to control the Axie Infinito Decentralized Autonomous Organization. 

The game presents you the option to start the game with unbred Axis, that’s the least pricey option available. But then you will have to spend hours in the game’s arena battling other players to earn SLP since it’s the primary ingredient in breeding. 


If you are willing to invest some money in the game, there is a great opportunity for you to earn money. If you own Axies, you can offer scholarships to other players that don’t have enough money to buy their team of Axies to get started and have someone else play the game for you. Play quests, adventure mode, and battle in the arena mode for you to earn SLP for you and that’ll help you earn money. 

Vice versa, if you don’t have enough money to invest in the game, you can be a scholar and join someone else’s scholarship program, you will be investing your time in the game and earn a commission for playing. 

AXS (Axie Infinity Shards):



The game is very unique in regards to the fact that everything is owned by the players, Axie infinity is an open-ended universe where every decision is controlled by the players. Since this is the governance token, it is used to breed Axies but if you own this token, you carry the right to vote in the administrative decisions of the game. 

Only the great players in the game can earn AXS, the scoreboard comprises MMR which gets automatically reset at the start of the season, by playing in the arena mode and winning, your chances of earning this reward enhances. 

Axie Infinity contains the requirement of being above 2500 MMR, to earn as much AXS as possible. Now, the game allocates rewards between 300k players. There is another possibility of earning this token, it can be staked for around 60% APY, and many platforms allow you to stake these tokens. Ronin Wallet which is a crypto wallet provides the opportunity to stake AXS for the highest APYs.


Axie Infinity offers the opportunity to gamers to earn and have fun simultaneously, the game contains a ton of features ready to be explored. The game has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, it shows a lot of potential. So, now might be the time for you to invest and earn. 

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