How to Earn Money through free-to-play NFT Games



Many individuals would want to make money with NFT games, but they have concerns about whether or not it’s possible to do so. Depending on the game’s market and process, players can earn a lot of money through NFTs. Users can earn cryptocurrency in several ways, including in-game activities like fighting other players, mining, completing missions, etc. The quick popularity of NFT games is remarkable.

NFT game developer teams are unconcerned by the rising desire for other free-to-play games built on the blockchain. At this time, players may choose from many free-to-play NFT games. Let’s figure out How to Make Money with Free-to-Play NFT Games and also go into the details of F2P NFT games.

What are NFT Games?

NFTs are digital coins used in video games instead of real currency. Using NFTs allows programmers to create original content for their games. Developers may create a rarity-based economy using these tokens. In a role-playing game, players can buy, sell, and interact with virtual weapons, shields, and armor. Players could swap weapons and armor if the objects were exchangeable.

If the swords and shields were NFTs, each would be unique so players could trade without a third party. Video game elements and digital artwork are only two examples of what NFTs may represent. NFTs find their most widespread use in the gaming industry. Players can profit from their favorite games by purchasing, selling, and trading in-game assets on the secondary NFT marketplace.

Free-to-play NFT system – Is it possible to go to gaming and not spending any money?

Some players need to prepare to commit money in games up front. Many play online games for fun and to pass the time; it’s not a severe pastime. They’re a subset of gamers that want additional options that don’t cost anything. These individuals like free-to-play NFT games.

The market for NFT games is quite strong at the moment. New games must keep up with and compete with industry leaders like Axie, Bomb Crypto, and others in the NFT gaming space.

There are many NFT games which are free to play like:

  • Protection Network (play, and earn heroes and items without spending money at all)
  • Chainmonsters (a Pokemon-style NFT game that runs on the Flow blockchain)
  • The Global Coin Search (the game allows earning cryptocurrency by finding keys and unlocking vaults)
  • Pegaxy (one more popular P2E horse breeding game) (one more popular P2E horse breeding game)
  • Splinterlands
  • The Sandbox
  • Gods Unchained

How Much Money Can Be Made With NFT Games?

Profitability in crypto gaming and NFTs is almost unlimited. Making a profit from NFT games and NFT investments may be done in several ways, depending on the individual. In most NFT games, an individual or player may earn $500 monthly. One hundred dollars a day is the average amount of money users can make using the site, which is a significant draw.

The value of your in-game money, the number of hours you put into the game, and your level of expertise are all factors in your earnings potential. According to the parameters, new participants in Axie Infinity may take between 75 and 300 SLP daily. Four or five BCOIN, the game’s cryptocurrency, may drop every run for new players in the Treasure Hunt mode of Bomb Crypto.

The following is an overview of how players might earn from NFT games:

        Play to Earn NFT Games

For those looking to make some extra cash while they game, play-to-earn NFT titles are a great option. It’s a fantastic method for amassing a large sum of money in-game quickly. Start playing a play-to-earn NFT game and sell your virtual goods for real cash. The money you earn may be used to purchase additional virtual products. NFT Gaming Development has expanded the variety of playable, income-generating NFT games to maximize players’ chances of success.

        Acquire and Exchange NFTs

An NFT market favors those who buy cheap and sell high. If you play games that give you NFTs for achieving particular goals, you can profit by trading them with other players. Maximizing your profits from trading NFTs requires research into the market and a diversified portfolio.

        Trade in NFT Trading Cards

The best NFT games all include trading card versions; you can buy and sell them to earn a profit. You have the option of selling single cards or a whole deck. You may sell these cards at conferences and online via NFT markets.

        Take Part in Competitions

NFT games allow players to compete in tournaments and win cash prizes. Tournament participants put their skills against one another to win a monetary reward. You may search for a competition that interests you and register for it. You may also generate money by live streaming your gaming sessions to an audience.

        The Artwork of Video Games for Sale

Digital art, drawings, and other artwork created specifically for use in video games may be sold for a profit. Create a portfolio of your most excellent work and send it to gaming magazines; alternatively, share it online. With the advent of NFT Game Development, users have had access to many new possibilities, and NFT Marketplaces are a fantastic venue for selling your games.

        Positive Character Traits

The more time and effort a player puts into a game, the more it helps shape their character and the more options they have to make money.

 Some Top NFT Games to Earn Money

Let’s get to the point and discuss some best NFT games that pay out actual money wins. Despite this, there are many NFT games to choose from, all owing to NFT Gaming Development’s rapid popularity. Some of the most well-liked NFT games include:

Gods Unchained

The trading card NFT, game Gods Unchained, uses the same play-to-win business concept. It is the best free to play game .The cards you collect in this free-to-play game are yours to do with as you like; you may sell them, trade them, or use them any way you choose. The first 140 cards a new player receives are free, allowing them to learn the game at no risk.

Each card has its abilities and may be further sorted by rarity, tribe, mana cost, deity, and set. You may use certain cards to draw more, heal allies, and even summon monsters. Collectible cards may be purchased from other players or earned via victory in player-versus-player matches. The game aims to smart your opponents by building decks to deal with their strategies.

When your life total drops below your opponent’s, you have won a player vs. player match. When you win, you get experience points. Once your experience meter is complete, you’ll unlock a new set of cards and go to the next level.

Learn more about the price changes in Gods Unchained for the upcoming future.

The Sandbox

Like the popular sandbox game Minecraft, The Sandbox is a community-driven NFT platform where users can build unique projects. Users may make their voxel ASSETS and animate them into NFTs that can be sold in the market.

Creators and users may make money from their games and assets using The Sandbox. The site also has games that users may play for prizes. SAND is the platform’s utility token and can purchase virtual goods from the store. In The Sandbox’s metaverse, players may own “LAND,” a plot of virtual real estate, and then customize it with games and assets. Users may use 166,464 LANDS in the metaverse to create their unique multiplayer games, homes, and other experiences.

Here are the price predictions for the Sandbox.


Splinterlands is an NFT card game with similar mechanics to Gods Unchained, allowing players to earn as they play. The most notable distinction is that each player must purchase their deck of cards before beginning play. Each playing card is unique in its stats, mana cost, level, experience, ability, and Splinter/rarity. Various cards are available, including those that serve to heal, deal double damage, slow the opponent down, and more.

Every participant can trade or rent out their cards to other players. They can also convert cards to crypto or combine cards to increase their level.

Participating in tournaments and ranked play on Splinterlands might earn you prizes. Gamers may complete missions to acquire these prizes, ranging from Dark Energy Crystals to magic potions, card packs, and collector cards.

Tips for Playing NFT Games

Future games that use non-fungible tokens have a lot of potentials, but players should keep a few factors in mind:


The NFT games are based on the blockchain and are very safe. All transactions will be recorded on an open and permanent distributed ledger. This method of securing digital assets is effective and may help avoid losses due to theft.

Compared to regular digital blockchain-based gaming objects, the security of these assets is far higher since they cannot be replicated or hacked. They’re almost hacker-proof, so you can rest easy knowing your possessions are protected.


In NFT games, digital assets like tokens may be stored permanently and securely due to blockchain technology. It prevents things from being altered or duplicated. Yet, if you don’t use proper procedures, you might lose or misplace them. Keep your NFTs safe by using a wallet made for them. You must choose a wallet that protects your valuables and provides you with easy access.


Wins from NFT games are investments since they are based on the value of the objects won. It implies that you must pay capital gains tax on the profits you make from selling them. You’ll have to fork out a certain amount of the profits when you sell the item. You must easily monitor and disclose your profits and losses when filing your taxes.

Trade Activity

You may often exchange your treasure with other players in NFT games. Put another way, you can quickly convert your digital assets into cash. Before making any NFT purchases or sales, do your homework. The ability to sell virtual goods to other players at auction is a unique feature of several crypto games.


In conclusion, the above summarizes the NFT free to Play Game. As a beginner, you may have many questions and doubts regarding this industry. Thus, you may get a feel for the Game by reading guides and playing demos without spending money. The learning curve for blockchain games might be high, but so is traditional games’ training. One advantage of blockchain games is that they often don’t need any start-up fee. Many people like playing NFT games because they are entertaining and profitable.

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