How to Make Money with Dragonary – A Guide


Dragonary is a new play-to-earn NFT game where players grow and battle dragons.  On a computer, laptop or any Android or iOS mobile device, you may play the free game Dragonary. The primary distinction between Dragonary and other games is that in Dragonary, the whole economy is established between players. It implies that in-game objects and their financial worth may be bought and sold freely.

The game’s primary objective is to keep players engaged until the final objective is achieved and to reward them for the time they invest in training and leveling up their dragons, regardless of whether or not they are crypto-currency experts.

These rewards drops will be in the form of tokens that may be traded with other players in the Market or even on the crypto-currency Market. At the peak of your in-game achievements, your dragons may be trained, leveled up, evolved, and improved upon to unlock unique, uncommon, epic, legend, and mythic varieties.

The worth of these dragons will vary according to their rarity, quality, level of detail, and offensive potential. As dragons may increase in price, they can be a worthwhile investment. We will discuss How to make money with the dragon in this article.

Dragon Elements

There are now 7 distinct elements (roles) in Dragonary, each with unique abilities to consider while building a team. It will be essential for the success of both PVE and PVP assignments that your dragons have a well-rounded elemental balance.

  • Cold DPS: The Invincible Ice Element
  • Plant Element: All-rounder
  • Mechanical Component: The Range DPS Electric Element
  • Element Water: The Pain Reliever
  • Element of Earth: The Tank
  • Element of Fire: The Raw Damage Dealt
  • Air Element: Main Healer

What are Dragonary’s Game Modes?

Dragonary now provides us with two game modes, all of which have many features. The many options are:

 PVE Mode

In PVE, we may build squads of three to five dragons to take on the game’s AI. Everything in PVE is semi-automated; players may choose between manual and automatic modes; in manual mode, fundamental assaults are handled automatically, and they just need to decide when to use their dragons’ unique skills.

In automated mode, however, your dragon team will carry out all regular and special attacks without you having to do anything.

 PVP Mode

You’ll compete against other players and their dragon teams in a mode dubbed “Sand” since these battles are life-or-death encounters between players of the same level. The contestant with the most dragons still flying at the end of the allocated five minutes is the winner.

If both players still have the same number of dragons alive after the five minutes, the victor will be determined by whichever dragons have the highest total health. This mode has no auto-attack feature, so you’ll have to trigger your dragons’ powers manually.

How to Make Dragonary Money?

It’s possible to earn a lot of Cyrodiil (CYT) by completing daily missions. To collect as much obsidian as possible, go to the “Missions” menu and choose “Cave.” From there, you’ll be able to peruse the various missions, each of which tasks you with taking on a unique beast from the game in PvE mode until you achieve success and the reward of obsidian.

Each quest will cost you 10 energy points, but if you complete it successfully, you will get the prize and experience points needed to level up your dragons.

How to earn more by Increasing Rarity?

A larger percentage of the daily $CYT reward pool will be credited to your account if you’re a rare user. Only maintain more Dragons of greater rarity than you already have. The minimum required to achieve Rare account rarity is three Common Dragons, two Uncommon Dragons, and four Rare Dragons.

When two or more players have the same number of Dragons of the same rarity, the player with the second-highest rarity Dragon wins. In this case, your account is considered Unusual since you have three Common Dragons, two Uncommon Dragons, and three Rare Dragons.

Dragonary Resources

There are 3 dragon resources following.


The first weapons we may use are the dragon’s knowledge and skill. The dragon can now attack more vigorous dragons since its defenses have been strengthened. A dragon may get access to a new skill or attack as it advances in level. It’s also why a dragon can only reproduce once it has attained at least half its level. You now have access to rarer and stronger dragons.


Ember is a crucial component in the dragon breeding process. It’s essential if you want to progress up to more powerful dragons. A common ember will provide a typical egg, whereas an unusual ember will yield an uncommon egg. The rarer ones can only be obtained through a further merging process.


You could receive it as your very last chance. It is necessary for the alchemy in the cave, which will earn you Cyt. To pay out, players must accumulate up to a thousand Obsidians. It will be yours after five daily missions.

Dragonary Costs How Much to Start?

One of Dragonary’s finest features is that you don’t have to spend any money to get started, unlike other NFT blockchain games. There is zero out-of-pocket cost and no need to create bitcoin wallets or install browser add-ons.

Strategies for Upgrading your Dragonary Inventory

In-game encounters (PVE), player-versus-player encounters (PVP), dungeon runs, and chest fights provide players with things; the rarity of these items determines how powerful they are. Although 5 common goods may be used to craft a rarer item, rarer objects can be made with just 5 common ones. Things will be improved via fusion (the same process used to create dragons).

In the Dragonary game, the costs of merging objects are as follows:

  • The Absence of Rareness or Sparks
  • Combining 300 Drago with Common
  • To combine 500 Drago into one UnCommon
  • The cost to merge into Epic is just 15 dollars.
  • 50 USD to combine into legendary status is Epic.

Features of the Game

Some feature of the game is following.


Here, you may improve your chances of mission success by breeding Dragons and equipping them with equipment.


You may choose which egg to hatch with the Nest. The time it takes for an egg to rise depends on how uncommon it is.


Dragons may be forged at the altar. Creating a new dragon from a breeding pair requires at least two dragons. In this location, CYT or Embers are needed for every action. Giving dragons additional eggs causes them to produce more CYT.

How Much Money can be Made Mining $ CYT in Dragonary?

The amount of money a player makes each day is inversely correlated with the rarity of their account. (Because these are only estimates, they are quite prone to change depending on the prize pool at hand and the value of the $ CYT.)

Just one billion CYT coins will ever be in circulation, and they will be distributed progressively over a ten-year period. Dragonary is a free game, but its developers still need to find ways to strengthen the economy so that players are properly rewarded for their work. You may purchase rare dragons when the market opens and breed them to increase your gains. Your portion of the overall CYT reward rises in direct proportion to the uniqueness of your account.


One of the essential aspects of a dragon breeder’s statistics is the level of their dragons. The success or failure of the dragons is shown, along with their current level and statistical data. Your dragon will be very uncommon once it reaches level 90. It’s worth noting that young dragons get a 20% boost to their stats relative to their parents.

If you want to make money in Dragonary, you must complete five daily tasks to get your daily CYT allocation. The final goal is to switch to a Rare account to access more CYT. It would help if you played this game to train dragons and engage in deadly battles.

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