How To Play CryptoKitties – Everything You Need To Know


There’s a kitty-related crypto craze, CryptoKitties has sent tremors in the blockchain world, a remarkable story where people can buy, breed and trade virtual cats. It is a game based on digital collectible cats in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs allow the player to be the sole owner and to use them at will.

Tapping into the cat-obsessed community allows CryptoKitties to gather a new set of players, it is a cutie-pie NFT game ideal for cat fanciers, and players can raise digital kittens for both enjoyable and profitable purposes. So, without further ado, lets find out everything worth knowing about CryptoKitties.

About CryptoKitties

This game is on the Ethereum blockchain and is publicly certified, each CryptoKitty is one of a kind, can’t be replicated, and can’t be transferred without the player’s explicit consent. It allows you to collect and breed NFT cat cards. It has the honor of being the first game on the Ethereum blockchain and one of the first to leverage blockchain technology for play-to-earn experiences.

Furthermore, the foundation of this game is the idea of digital scarcity; every NFT kitty has a unique digital identity that can’t be duplicated or destroyed. This provides the user with a sense of security that is unparalleled in the digital market. If you are the valid owner of a CryptoKitten, rest assured no one other than you will be able to claim it.

The game proved its authenticity when it made it debut in 2017, it has numerous players who have made large sums of money from selling in-game kittens. The game proves to still be trending in the blockchain industry.

Developers and the Team Behind CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties became the first game that utilizes the Decentralized Application technology on the Ethereum blockchain. The hard work of the company Axion Zen made this game extremely successful. The designs of the NFT kittens are fruit inspired by original artworks from all over the world. In 2019, it decided to partner up with GODS, a digital trading card game, this endeavor led them to offer kitty-themed cards to its users.

How to Play CryptoKitties

You must first purchase some Ethereum and deposit it in a virtual wallet called MetaMask in order to begin the game. One of the most famous wallets available is MetaMask, which can be used as a Chrome browser plugin to access several decentralized applications running on the Ethereum blockchain, including CryptoKitties.

Install MetaMask after buying Ethereum, then make a wallet. Send a tiny amount as a test first to ensure that everything is operating as intended. Do bear in mind that owning a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is different from CryptoKitties. Outside of the network, CryptoKitties have no value and cannot be exchanged for other digital assets. We refer to them as blockchain assets.

When your MetaMask wallet is loaded with Ethereum now you can head over to the CryptoKitties to create an account. Just follow the instructions to create an account. MetaMask needs to be unlocked and connected to Ethereum’s main network, so you can easily buy, sell, and breed kitties. Just keep in mind that you need enough Ethereum to pay the transaction fees as well as some extra Ethereum for the transaction to go through.

Why You Have to Buy Cryptokitties?

The whole game revolves around the idea of breeding, customizing, and owning CryptoKitties. Get ready to hear the cutest thing, the cats come with several physical features that they call “Cattributes”.

They have traits that range from Eye color, fur, eye shape, body color, elements, patterns and so much more. These cattributes are the main attraction of the game and the players just can’t seem to get enough of these kitties.

Many users try to breed rare cats because they are expensive and can be sold for a good amount of money if you breed them successfully. The game is very interesting and once you start spending some time in it, you will learn about which traits are rare and how to get them. Owning a digital rarity that can go for hundreds of Ethereum sure sounds like fun. If you breed two common kitties, you might get a rare one and sell it for a lot of money.

Which Things Make Kitties Valuable?

This is perhaps the most important part of this guide, each of the kittens in this game has a distinctive set of appearances, and there is only one of each in the entire game. As we discussed before, these kittens have certain cattributes, so let’s talk about them.


These are genetic algorithms that determine different traits of a kitty, the system works just like how genetics in real life works. If two cats with different sets of traits breed, their offspring gets randomized unique traits from both parents. More than a billion new traits have been already created in this world.

Cooldown Speed

Giving birth is never easy, so, the CryptoKitties get a cooldown period after they have bred a new kitten. The cooldown time, generation number, or the number of times a kitten has given birth is crucial and it depends on the age of the mother cat, the older it becomes the longer it will take for the next kitten to be born.


The DNA blocks of these kitties store 4 types of genes; eyes, coat patterns, body colors, and others. Each block contains 1 primary gene that determines a dominant trait with 3 hidden genes that are invisible and can be passed down to a kitten.

While the primary genes carry a 75% probability of passing down to their offspring, hidden genes only contain a 25% probability. After you spend some time in the game you will learn that these things aren’t really that complicated and once you understand everything, you will be able to breed a cattriubute with more accuracy.


A newborn cat may sometimes lack any traits from its parents. This is known as a “Mutation,” where the genes of a mutated kitten will have different origins that their descendants may inherit in the future.

More fascinating is the prospect of mutations, albeit less likely, even when two purebred parents breed. Yet, the potential of mutation rises if the parents’ genomes are fundamentally distinct.

Family Jewels

The most current addition to CryptoKitties’ collection of enduring delights, Family Jewels, debuted in February 2018. The Family Diamond is now available for kittens to sport as a reminder of their heritage.

The first jewels will be given to cats who have the first sightings of “Mewtation” or a novel mutation in their bloodline. These jewels can be left as an inheritance to their offspring. The following types of family jewels are ranked according to Kitty’s generation after the Mewtation:

  • The fabled diamond belongs to the first cat to ever introduce a new gene.
  • The next nine cats harboring that mutant gene will be gilded.
  • The following 90 Kittens will receive amethyst.
  • The subsequent 400 Kitties will receive lapis.


After you begin playing CryptoKitties, you can pick from three different basic game types.


There is an in-game marketplace where you can buy the right kittens. The game will take you to a verification page after you click the “Purchase Now” button once you’ve located them. Confirm your ordered kittens once more, and then click “OK, buy this kitty” to conclude the transaction. When your new kitties appear directly on your profile, the purchasing process will be completed.


In this game, breeding kittens are split into two genders: Dame (the mother) and Sire (the father). The generation of the child will be the highest generation of both parents plus one; for instance, mating a 3rd generation cat with a 2nd generation cat will result in a 4th generation kitten, whereas mating two 4th generation cats will result in a 5th generation cat. Hence, breeding two cats from the same generation is the optimum breeding strategy.

Breeding is a simple process. You can pick the sire (the cat you wish to father your kittens), click “Breed,” and then select “Sire with my kittens.” The listings of cats to become mothers (Dame) will afterward be displayed.

Once you are done marrying your cats, you might need to press the “OK, give them some privacy” option to leave them alone for a short time. All you have to do from here is wait for a good event to transpire very soon!


In CryptoKitties, you may earn money by selling. You have two choices for your cats: you may sell them or become a cat breeder and breed your Sire cats with cats owned by other players.

Go to the listings of your cats, where you will find the “Sale” and “Breed” buttons. You can initiate an auction on a new page by picking either option. Simply put, using the “Sale” button will start a sale auction, while pressing the “Breed” button will make your cats visible in the Siring market so that players can pick them for breeding.

The Move to Flow Blockchain

The astonishing disclosure surfaced as CryptoKitties revealed its new chapter last year. From this point forward, the CryptoKitties of the universe will reside on the blockchain’s “Flow” node.

Before we get into it, let’s look at the context of the recent Crytokitties news.

The game rapidly climbed to the top of the Ethereum blockchain after its debut in 2017, accounting for more than 13% of all transactions. Despite the game getting a lot of attention, the Ethereum network unexpectedly became congested as a result of CryptoKitties transactions, slowing down all ensuing transactions.

The brilliant team behind the game found a solution, CryptoKitties decided to cut off its arms and legs and create its blockchain, called “Flow,” in May 2020. As a way of displaying their gratitude towards the gamers, many auxiliary features were added, including 3D animation, better scalability, and free-to-play possibilities.

Your treasured CryptoKitties can roam across different platforms thanks to the Flow Blockchain’s usage of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) technology to ensure that transactions are validated more securely and effectively.

To Sum Up

In this digital age, people have diversified their sources of income, you have to move with the world. People have made millions by trading in digital assets, the blockchain has provided top-notch security to your digital assets and trading has never been easier. If you have gone through the whole guide, congratulations! You are now ready to own adorable kittens and earn money while playing the cutest game ever.

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