Angelic combines turn-based strategy combat with a narrative RPG, all backed by a collaboratively crafting science-fiction setting thanks to blockchain technology. Get ready to shape a massive conflict in the dark and compelling universe of Angelic.

Angelic features a collaborative development between the developers and the fans to expand the universe. Backed by the blockchain, players can create cosmetic items, ships, and even hero NFTs to use or trade them. Thanks to the DAO mechanism, our community will also have significant governance over the game and IP.

Enter the Angelic Metaverse! Play the base game and enjoy the narrative, join the multiplayer mode, participate in colony wars, forge alliances, fight co-op missions, or optionally create and trade your NFTs and stake Angelverse tokens to gain governance rights. Angelic will also be a multiplatform game, so a massive community will be waiting for you to play and trade.

To achieve a well-balanced in-game economics model that could offer a satisfying monetary reward system to players and enhance the fun gameplay feeling, while presenting a fair and robust voting and DAO mechanism, Angelic utilizes two different currencies: ANGELVERSE (the DAO / governance token) and NEO-COIN (gaming token).

The ANGL token is the governance token of Angelic, and it is essentially deflationary. $ANGL holders have governance rights over the game and on various in-game DAOs thanks to the voting rights provided by the token. $ANGL is the primary token to be used for all the transactions happening in the marketplace, including the fee of the base game and the expansion packages.

Angelic Investment Rounds

IDO price



25% at TGE, linear vesting over 11 months

Tokens For Sale