BovineVerse is an open and expandable framework for Fi+ metaverse. BovineVerse launches 3 successive innovative games on blockchain, applies the DAO governance to online social networks and communities, thus offering higher flexibility. 

In the BovineVerse game’s ecosystem players can own their NFT bovine animal assets to socialize, adventure and create, building a diverse and colorful world together and establish their own guilds.

Key Features


  • Daily task consumption and earning including farming, breeding, feeding and battling, etc.;
  • Access to Sandbox RPG (3D estate, customizing items, etc);
  • Real-time 3D adventures (VR environment, star wars, resources plunder).


  • Immersion in gaming universe, providing VR environment such as meeting, party, trading and watching movies;
  • Different guild, games and networks achieve cross-game and cross-chain asset sharing;
  • NFT planets and avatars for users.


  • Follow and build up relationships in the gaming ecosystem;
  • Real time chatting with others during gaming;
  • Guild contests and leaderboards;
  • Crypto blog (rewarding or tipping content creator).

$BVT is a token issued by BovineVerse that can be obtained by participating in the game and airdrop activities. Players can use $BVT to purchase gaming items, breed, level up, and so on. The more BVT a player owns, the more votes player gets in DAO governance in BovineVerse.

How to participate in IDO

To participate in IDO on Poolz user needs to make sure of having enough Poolz tokens.

For every 250 $POOLZ you lock on the platform, you will earn one lottery ticket that offers you a chance to win an allocation. So, if you lock 1,000 $POOLZ, you’ll get four lottery tickets. And as you may guess, the more $POOLZ you lock, the more tickets you will win, and the higher will be your probability of winning an allocation through the lottery system.

Top 100 Poolz holders have guaranteed IDO & PreIDO Allocation; The top 100 will be determined by the LEADERBOARD which will be explained later.

Poolz Party Guaranteed allocation for 50% of the users not selected for any IDO during an entire month for the last IDO of the month!

*Requirements: Users need to keep they Poolz token locked and apply for each IDO.

BovineVerse Investment Rounds
IEO IS ENDED: Aug 22 — Aug 23 2022

IEO price



100% Unlock

Tokens For Sale

IDO IS ENDED: Aug 11 — Aug 11 2022

IDO price



50% at TGE and 50% at the 4th month

Tokens For Sale