Conic Finance

Conic Finance is an easy-to-use platform built for liquidity providers to easily diversify their exposure to multiple Curve pools. Any user can provide liquidity into a Conic Omnipool which allocates funds across Curve in proportion to protocol controlled pool weights.

Conic Finance introduces the construct of Omnipools. These are liquidity pools that allocate liquidity of one asset across multiple Curve pools. The LP token a liquidity provider receives is therefore representing the liquidity provider’s share of liquidity across multiple Curve pools.

How to participate

The community raise will first start with a 2 hour long whitelist phase that includes:

  • vlCVX holders
  • veCRV holders
  • Discord OGs

After the whitelist phase, the community raise will become open to anyone. The raise will be open for 24 hours. Participating addresses will receive their CNC allocation upon interacting with the raise contract. However, as more funds are raised, the exchange rate will eventually decrease to a point where participating becomes irrational (after the $400,000 target is met).

Users will be able to participate directly through the Conic UI. Over the coming day, access details will be posted on the official Conic Twitter.

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Conic Finance Investment Rounds
Pre-sale IS ENDED: Apr 06 — Apr 07 2022

Pre-sale price