A multiplayer strategy game with crazy mechanics where you lead your Titans against the world. Recruit your Titans, position them on the field and send them into the battleground. Choose the smartest way to manage your economy during the game, merge Titans, level up your Totem or roll the cybershop to summon up to 44 unique characters.

The seven Titan breeds (Oceanic, Magma, Humanoid, Electric, Desert, Forest and Arctic) have emerged to assemble their identity with the new technologies in order to make the most out of their abilities. These creatures need players to command their actions in-game, where synergies will be essential to get the most out of CyberTitans.

Web3 and F2P finally meet, but it is you who has to play your luck to be crowned champion. UNLEASH THE FURY OF THE TITANS. CyberTitans is the first video game developed by LitLab Games, and it can be 100% enjoyed for free. The global version is expected to release in January 2023.

However, CyberTitans will also include a deeper game mode that requires the company’s own currency ($LITT). This cryptocurrency will prevail in all video games published by LitLab Games.

CyberTitans lobbies mix eight players who are facing each other in different rounds. Strategies will vary based on both their first picks and the options given by the cybershops. As the game progresses, players will end up losing all of their life, until only one is left standing. This one will be considered the winner of the game.

CyberTitans Investment Rounds
IDO IS ENDED: May 04 — May 07 2023

IDO price



25% at TGE, vesting linearly 5 months

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