Participation Eligibility Criteria: Minimum Daily Holding of 1,000HT starting from the 4th Prime Listing to the upcoming Prime round (i.e. HT Holding Period:00:00:00, July 16, 2019 – 23:59, August 14, 2019 GMT+8)

Participation eligibility criteria for subsequent Prime rounds: The HT Holding Period is measured from the last Prime round till the upcoming Prime round. Users must hold a minimum of 1,000HT during the HT Holding Period to be eligible to participate in the upcoming Prime Round.

Trading Quota:

HT Holders shall receive trading limits, as follows:

A user’s trading quota (cap) will depend on their minimum HT held during the applicable HT holding period, subject to a minimum HT holding floor of 1,000HT and cap of 5,000HT. For example: A user with a minimum HT holding of 6,500HT during the holding period will receive a maximum of 5000 HT equivalent in trading quota across both price limit rounds.

Project Details:

Token Name: EMOGI Network(LOL)

Total Token Supply: 21,000,000,000 LOL

Prime Trading Allocation in Total: 1,470,000,000 LOL 

Prime Trading Allocation in each “Price Limit”Round: 294,000,000 LOL, 1,176,000,000 LOL;

Respective “Price Limit” for each Round: $0.000952, $0.001905 (HT exchange ratio will be announced on launch date).

EMOGI Investment Rounds
IEO IS ENDED: Aug 15 — Aug 15 2019

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