Fief Guild

Fief is the first economic guild of the metaverse with the primary objective to build decentralized protocols and game systems that plug into popular metaverse projects.

To kickstart Fief, the guild is creating its first game title: Fief: Blood and Coin, an economic strategy game that bridges on- and off-chain mechanics to deliver a highly rewarding user experience, built on top of the Fief protocols. In time, Fief will expand the utility of these protocols to plug directly into third-party project economies.

Fief Wood (WOOD) is the first of five core resources that underpin Blood and Coin’s economic gameplay. Fief Wood will be heavily used in the crafting Game Action, allowing Guild Members to create a variety of functional Fief Item NFTs.

Fief Guild Investment Rounds
IDO IS ENDED: Mar 14 — Mar 15 2022

IDO price



100% unlocked at TGE

Tokens For Sale