Inwarium Online

A multiplayer blockchain FPS (PVP and PVE) game that will include Battle Royale mode which gives players a new gaming experience of playing and earning.

Blockchain Technology

$IWR (Inwarium Token) and #WP (WarPoint) are standard tokens based on the BEP20 protocol, which will operate solely on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) network. BSC is designed for low gas costs and fast transaction times, making it an ideal gaming environment. At the same time, the characters, weapons, equipment and lands(Military Bases) in the game will be released as NFT assets based on the ERC721 protocol. Players have full ownership of NFT assets and can trade them freely in the marketplace.

With $IWR and #WP, the main goal is to use them as economic incentives to entice users to take part in ecosystem activities.The mechanisms described here serve two purposes:

  • To incentivize players to use tokens for transactions while rewarding them for interacting with Inwarium Online, in order to produce an internal circulating economy.
  • To decentralize InwariumOnline’s ownership and governance.

Why dual token model?

  • To ensure the sustainability & scalability of the ecosystem.

Burning Tokens With the #IWR Burn, InwariumOnline hopes to achieve a more balanced tokenomics, resulting in greater benefits for token holders and investors. Token burning is the process of permanently removing a portion of a crypto project’s tokens from circulation, thereby reducing the total number of tokens available. The tokens in question are technically transferred to a burn address, which serves only to receive tokens and doesn’t have other functions. The tokens will become unrecoverable once they are sent to the burn address.

Inwarium Online $IWR Burn

Purchasing $IWR with collected money from NFT sales ( X%) and burning it completely. A smaller portion of the total collected funds, as well as future funds, will be used to purchase and burn $IWR

Inwarium Token $IWR

  • Ticker: $IWR
  • Type: Government token
  • Total supply: 500.000.000


  • Rewards: Players will be able to earn various $IWR rewards by participating in events, tournaments, airdrops, clan wars..
  • Staking: Staking Inwarium Token $IWR to earn $IWR
  • Marketplace: Participating in the Marketplace will allow users to earn $IWR
  • Convert: $IWR can be obtained by converting #WP to $IWR

$IWR Utilities

  • Staking: $IWR is required to stake
  • APY
  • DAO
  • Whitelisted for Alpha game release
  • Marketplace: NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell, exchange NFT Characters, weapons and items $IWR is required to buy NFT weapons $IWR is required to buy NFT characters $IWR is required to buy NFT items $IWR is required to buy Inwarium box $IWR is required to buy Military Base (land)
  • Convert to #WP · Participation in special tournaments and clan wars
  • Advertising on in-game environment
Inwarium Online Investment Rounds

IDO price


Seed price



Unlock 5% at TGE, cliff 1 months and linear distribution over 13 months

Tokens For Sale


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