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The #MetaHash network consists of four parts: #TraceChain, #MetaApps, #MetaGate, #MetaHashCoin.

#TraceChain. The solution to the speed problem is based on an automatic self-learning algorithm for routing signals over the network. Starting at a rate of 50,000 transactions per second, it grows as more nodes with higher bandwidth are added to the network forming the core of the network and improving the reliability of additional #DataChains which are needed for running applications.

#MetaApps. Nodes added to the #MetaHash network are used by decentralized applications. The core code of #MetaApps optimizes the location of application copies based on required resources and nancial motivation of the owners of nodes connected to the network.

#MetaGate. This is an open source interface using the #TraceChain protocol making it possible to work with #MetaApps and networks.

#MetaHashCoin. The network’s digital payment currency. It is used to ensure consensus, to pay for all network services and to control self- nancing. Recognised by FINMA on July 3, 2018 as Utility token with payment function.

MetaHash Investment Rounds
ICO IS ENDED: Jun 29 — Aug 18 2018

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