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Morphie Network aims to become the largest Decentralized and community-driven oracle for the Avalanche ecosystem. Real-world data for the Avalanche smart contracts platform with thousands of data sets and also local data sets.


Morphie will collect data feeds from multiple sources and ensure data integrity. Malicious data providers in the network will be penalised and removed.


Morphie will utilise the robust technology of Avalanche ecosystem. High Transactional Throughput, almost instant transactional finality, Energy efficient and with thousands of nodes.

Community Owned

Morphie network will be a community owned project where stakers, developers, validators and the foundation together govern how the network is operated.

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Morphie Network Investment Rounds
IDO IS ENDED: Oct 04 — Oct 04 2021

IDO price



12% at TGE, then 45 days cliff, then 25% vesting every 45 days

Tokens For Sale