Neon Labs

Neon is a fully Ethereum-compatible environment on Solana.

Neon EVM provides a low-friction solution to enable Ethereum dApps to function within Solana, eliminating the gap between two leading blockchains. Neon EVM positions Ethereum developers to enjoy the best of Solana’s network, from low fees to high transaction speeds, and parallel transaction execution capabilities.

While Solana has been one of the fastest, organically-growing chains, its incompatibility with EVM has left several hundred million in TVL, millions of users, and an entirely new ecosystem untouched by EVM Multichain dApp developers – until now. Neon EVM’s pioneering solution is the anticipated innovation in the Solana ecosystem and makes Solana a viable option for multichain builders. Neon EVM brings together the best of both chains while keeping user security and safety paramount.

Ethereum infrastructure

  • Accounts & signatures
  • Tools & infrastructure
  • ETH-like Web3 RPC API
  • ETH, ERC-20 tokens
  • Solidity smart contracts

Solana blockchain

  • Liquidity
  • Userbase
  • Tx record in Solana
  • High speed tx
  • Low transaction fees
Neon Labs Investment Rounds
ICO IS ENDED: Jun 08 — Jun 08 2023

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100% unlock on or around July 17, 2023

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