Raiders NFT

Raiders NFT is a blockchain based gaming protocol which lets users own character NFTs and use them to earn crypto tokens, collect digital arts.

To ensure the growth of the Raiders ecosystem, a giant chunk of the token $R4ID supply is allocated for game rewards that would be emitted in an increasing manner for a period of around 4 years. In order to provide stability player must first supply liquidity in $R4ID-$FTM and use the LP token to mint a Raider, playable NFT character which lets player participate in raiding and get rewards.

The game would build its own DeFi ecosystem which would provide trading/crafting in-game items and equipment.

Raiders NFT Investment Rounds
IDO IS ENDED: Mar 29 — Mar 30 2022

IDO price



15% at TGE, then monthly 25%, 30%, 30%

Tokens For Sale