Superpower Squad

Superpower Squad is a blockchain technology-based TPS game with a superhero theme that consists of gameplays such as MOBA, RPG, Roguelike, and Social Features. Superpower Squad also includes PVP and PVE abilities. Players are able to create clans to combat each other and gain token rewards for successful wins. Both Solo and Team modes are available throughout the game, and the ease of getting started makes the game more exciting to play.

Game Key Features

  • Visually attractive designs;
  • Immersive gaming experiences – the map supports physical damage that enhances strategy use;
  • Diverse gameplays – players can choose different modes based on personal preferences;
  • Various Heroes – a wide range of heroes with their unique abilities to choose from;
  • Various Roles – heroes can increase team cooperation and even bond players with their unique characteristics. Explore different hero combinations and find out yourself;
  • Distinctive Weapons – different weapons will deal damage differently. Players can also equip heroes with a range of great skins. Choose your favorite skin and increase the power of your hero;
  • Heroes, weapons, and skins all support synthesis and upgrades to increase the value and revenue of heroes;
  • Players are encouraged to use The Metacube to create unique gameplays in the form of NFTs. Creating popular gameplay NFTs may result in better revenue potential for players;
  • Clans can enjoy in-game socializing more and create their social circles.


The community will be able to vote on determining which sections and gameplays should be unlocked, obtaining governance revenue in return.

Dual-Token economic system

$SQUAD: The authorizing governance token that allows players to participate in the SuperDAO and to govern the game ecology, thus determining the future and extending the value of the game.

$ECG: The in-game token that allows players to participate, enjoy the game, and obtain $ECG revenue in return.

Superpower Squad Investment Rounds
IDO IS ENDED: Dec 15 — Dec 15 2022

IDO price



20% will be unlocked at Sale end time (~14:00 UTC), with the remaining 80% released block-by-block over 90 days

Tokens For Sale


Private price



3 months cliff, 10%, then 5% monthly

Tokens For Sale