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For most of 2022, the Internet Protocol (ICP) is one of the most widely discussed emerging projects since it quickly gained a reputation as one of the top 10 biggest cryptocurrencies by market value shortly after its launch, and you may be wondering that is ICP crypto a good investment or not?

Even if the ICP price has dropped, many industry watchers still consider it a sound investment since ICP coins are now more affordable than ever. But what precisely is an Internet Computer, and should one put money into ICP? In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not ICP crypto is a good investment. Furthermore, we will discuss the cryptocurrency’s efficiency and applications, as well as its investment potential and potential buying venues.

What exactly is ICP?

Using blockchain technology, the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) creates a public network where smart contracts may execute at web performance and scale, slashing the cost of computing for everyone. In crypto, Bitcoin represents digital gold, while Ethereum is driving the distributed financing (DeFi) revolution. The project claims to be the third-largest crypto breakthrough.

Internet Computer’s ultimate objective is to “reimagine how you construct everything,” which includes developing a blockchain with limitless development. A wide variety of applications, from DeFi apps to tokenized social media for the masses, may be developed on the platform.

History of ICP

In October 2016, the Swiss non-profit DFINITY Foundation began developing ICP as the next logical choice in blockchain technologies. Dominic Williams, a seasoned blockchain engineer who has contributed to Bitcoin and Ethereum, is the primary creator of the DFINITY Organization and the Internet Computer (ICP).

The DFINITY Foundation successfully collected sizable donations to support the creation of the ICP.  There has been a total donation of $120+ Million from investors, including Multicoin Capital, ZeroEx, Aspect Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and numerous others. Because of this, solid corporate support for ICP crypto is a good investment for crypto fans seeking projects with a bright future.

The ICP coin, which had been under development for a long time, was finally released to the public. Coinbase, Ethereum, Huobi, and OKEx were just some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges that included the Internet Computer in their listings.

After the first public offering of Internet Computers, the price of ICP jumped to more than $737. After the following price drop, many industry watchers still consider ICP crypto a good investment with high hopes that it would eventually reclaim its spot as one of the best, most significant blockchain projects.

How Does ICP Work?

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With ICP, the internet is transformed into a worldwide computer infrastructure capable of hosting both front- and back-end applications. Without relying on expensive private cloud storage and server hardware, developers can create websites and business IT systems using this platform.

The Internet Computer project (ICP) aims to do two main things:

  • To boost the performance of most blockchain systems
  • To reduce the influence of large tech companies’ technologies, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), that are utilized by many websites and blockchains

The ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) is a distributed protocol used by Internet Computers and managed by a decentralized group of data centres.

It was planned for the network to expand exponentially so that it could host thousands of new distributed apps (dApps) by 2022. By that time, 123 data centres would be operating 4,300 units. A new “open internet” was planned to be built using thousands of data centres with millions of units within a year.

One of the most innovative parts of the Internet Computer (ICP) is its “engine,” a collection of protocols that work together to coordinate the many nodes. It allows the system to use a single public key, which means that any device, from smartphones to smartwatches, may validate Internet Computer artefacts. Also, Internet computers may now complete financial transactions in as little as two seconds.

Goals for the project include addressing system security and other long-standing IT concerns. The platform supports native applications in a setting that eliminates the need for barriers and backups. To lower the price of IT services and make internet software systems more independent, the Internet Computer was created.

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Why is ICP Crypto a Good Investment?

For investors, ICP is a solid choice owing to the company’s solid technological foundations. The Internet Computer (ICP) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is both highly functional and completely operational, created as an ecosystem that can stand toe-to-toe with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In general, the Internet Computer connects the blockchain and the conventional web. ICP’s innovative Chain Key Technology enables the pooling of resources from several computers in different locations to form a single, highly efficient and potent distributed computing system.

The Internet Computer may be conceived as a blockchain equipped to handle the processing needs of current online services. Consider how convenient it would be if transmitting blockchain transactions took as little time as opening a webpage in your browser; that’s basically what the ICP does.

Lastly, the answer to the question whether ICP crypto is a good investment: The Internet Computer (ICP) is a sound investment since it debuted as a fully operational network offering various services. While it took years for networks like Ethereum to grow and support various applications and use cases, the ICP ecosystem featured many dApps at the time of inception, including different cryptocurrencies.

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How Much Would an ICP be Worth?

To determine whether or not ICP crypto is a good investment, you need to have some idea of what the cryptocurrency may be worth in the future (i.e. will its price go up or not). For this, the following predictions might help you to get ideas about the worth of ICP.

· ICP Price Prediction for 2022-2024

Based on the present market, we anticipate a minimum value of $19.5 for the Internet Computer (ICP) in 2022, with the token’s possibility of increasing to a maximum value of $23.5 and an overall average of $20.5 each year. In addition, a market rush is probable in the year’s second period; the market will see continuous macroeconomic challenges in 2023, with a low price of $28.80, a highest of $35.53, and a mean of $29.76. Price forecasts for 2024 range from a low of $40.22 to a high of $48.75. The currency may close out in 2024 with an average price of $41.41.

· ICP Price Prediction for 2025-2027

An increase in investment is recommended during this period of critical ICP development. Meanwhile, others may stock up on the coin before its anticipated price explosion. In terms of raw numbers, 2025 is predicted to produce a minimum of $58.09 and a maximum of $68.99, with a mean of $60.26.

In 2026, the cost of an internet computer (ICP) is expected to drop to $84.75 and settle at an estimated $85.75. There is a possibility that the annual market price may reach $98.30.

An increase of $116.51 is anticipated for ICP. In 2027, the price of ICP will rise to a high of $144.91 but should settle at a more manageable $119.86-$120.01. You should purchase some ICP after hearing the train’s explanation. Your first step after purchasing on an exchange should be to transfer your newly acquired cryptocurrency to a cryptocurrency wallet.

· ICP Price Prediction for 2028-2030

It is predicted that the range for Internet Computer prices will be between $161.47 to $200.27. By 2028 we should see a median price of $167.48. The market might see a temporary upswing, but annual growth will be no more than 0.10 percent at most.

In 2029, the value of this cryptocurrency is forecast to range from a low of $232.59 to a high of $278.15, with several peaks and a few valleys in between. The yearly average will stay the same at $240.95.

By the end of the coin’s tenth year, its value is certain to skyrocket; at the very least, it will cost you $323.85. Price estimates for ICP range from $333.47 to $412.94.

Should I Purchase ICP Crypto?

You may still be wondering, “is ICP Crypto a good investment?” even after reading the rest of this article. You won’t get a clear answer to this question anywhere. To help you form your opinion, we’ve included a breakdown of the crypto project’s core components below.

  • The ICP Crypto group works on making smart contracts fully distributed and indefinitely extensible.
  • The technology provided by ICP also allows programmers to create webpages and messaging applications.
  • Overall, its goal is to be a more effective intermediary than large IT companies.
  • It is impossible to pinpoint a single area where ICP software may be found.
  • It doesn’t run in one central location like Google Cloud but rather hops around to many servers in different data centres.
  • Integrating with the Bitcoin network, ICP has also made use of cutting-edge encryption.
  • ICP can effectively verify payments for blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, thanks to chain key cryptography.

The future of ICP is bright, as the coin has many practical applications due to features like its web-speed transaction processing and minimal transaction costs. It would be best to conduct enough research before putting any of your money in danger.


It is undeniable that ICP is a solid investment and that its hugely successful official listing was not simply a question of hype and advertising because of its ground-breaking technological principles and its present and prospective use cases. When we look at all of these factors, it is clear that the Internet Computer Project is a smart investment.

Furthermore, it may seem as if the ICP is a project that appeared out of somewhere, yet, in truth, it is a complete environment that has been in development for years. It may be regarded as a genuine competitor to blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Binance Smart Chain. We hope you’ll get the best knowledge in this article related to ICP crypto!

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