My Neighbor Alice Crypto – A Beginner’s Guide To The Play-To-Earn Game


Both the gaming industry and the blockchain sector has been doing really well for the past few years. Now when you merge the two, the synergy is off the charts. With both sectors being worth billions of dollars, blockchain gaming is one of the most innovative ways to take blockchain into mainstream waters, My Neighbor Alice is one of those blockchain games that has brought a revolution ever since its release. It has popularized and raised awareness regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In this guide, we’ll cover everything that is important to know about My Neighbor Alice. 

What is the My Neighbor Alice About?

My Neighbor Alice Crypto Game

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My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain game that resembles popular games like Farmville and Animal Crossing, presenting gamers with a unique experience. The game allows users to collect NFTs that they own and manage. Ever since its release, the game has appealed to the masses and received positive reviews from cryptocurrency holders, and gamers.

The game has popularized the use of cryptocurrencies by inventing its token known as ALICE. This token is the primary payment method that is utilized in all the transactions carried out. Players are allowed to create their own worlds within the game. The game features a unique story and as we all know open-world games tend to be the ones most popular among the gaming community. 

It’s an open-world game that allows its users to customize and build their islands by purchasing parcels of virtual land. ALICE, the token invented by this game is considered the primary payment method and is used in all transactions. 

How Does My Neighbor Alice Work?

My Neighbor Alice Crypto how does it work

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This is a blockchain-based game that allows gamers to interact, and communicate with other users. In this game, players can create their worlds and connect with different players. The vast open world features a lot of exciting things that gamers can spend their time on. 

My Neighbor Alice features several islands that are divided into parcels of land plots. These land plots are represented by NFTs, that can be traded by the players. With an interesting story, the game offers its users to customize their characters, develop their in-game properties, and so much more. 

The land supply in this game is limited which aids in regulating the price of NFTs. The value of NFTs also depends on the rarity and scarcity of the assets they represent. The game can be found on the popular gaming application, Steam. Granted, it’s a free-to-play game but all in-game transactions carry a small transaction fee. 

What Separates My Neighbor Alice from Other Games?

My Neighbor Alice Crypto uniqueness

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My Neighbor Alice has a lot of potential, the technology utilized to create the project and its features are the main drivers behind its success. Along with gamers, DeFi enthusiasts are also keenly interested in this project. An open-world game with blockchain technology is the future. The lending system featured in this game is unlike any other, because this game utilizes smart contracts, lenders face no problem in getting their NFT loans back with a yield profit. The game allows you to connect and interact with other players, and stake ALICE, lend and borrow NFTs for a yield. 

The unique technology, the features, and the team behind the game are the main reasons for its success. These factors are the main drivers behind the intrinsic value of the project and its potential to become a mainstream game with DeFi features. The market value of ALICE is bound to increase as the team is working hard day and night to update the game with more unique changes and introduce a ton of new things.

My Neighbor Alice features a forum, where users are encouraged to discuss their in-game activities, figure out the upcoming voting schedule, and meet new people. By taking feedback from its users and incorporating those changes in the game, it’s already miles ahead of other games.

The market price is affected by a number of things. ALICE is expected to reach new heights in the upcoming years, the project is coming out with new features very soon. By targeting DeFi users and blockchain gamers, it has accumulated a vast gaming audience. By incorporating NFTs into the game, the game has seen new levels of growth. 

The Technical Aspects of My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice Crypto technical aspects

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At the time of writing the market capitalization of My Neighbor Alice is $62,177,380 and the token price is $1.29. It has a limited total supply, which means that no new tokens can be minted once the max supply is in circulation. This protects the token from inflation. 

The game has an integrated lending feature that allows users to borrow and lend their NFT assets. Lenders in return receive rewards based on the amount of their loans and can earn a yield for lending NFTs. With the use of smart contracts, the security of these transactions is enhanced and users aren’t robbed of their investment. 

All NFTs have a minimal value, while some are more valuable than others which depends on rarity and scarcity. ALICE, the primary token of the game can be utilized for governance, and as the main payment method in the transactions carried out on the network.

Final Thoughts

My Neighbor Alice certainly exceeded expectations when it was first released, ever since then it has brought innovative ideas to the system. By combining DeFi features with an open-world gaming experience, it has bridged the gap between two universes. It has popularized blockchain gaming and brought cryptos to broader adoption.

This guide covered all the important things about My Neighbor Alice. The ALICE token is predicted to reach new heights in the coming years. Despite all the positive reviews about the game, all investors are advised to do proper research before investing in any token. As the game is free-to-play you can easily dive into the game yourself and explore it. So, what’s the wait? Start your adventure today!


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